Graduate Stories

Graduate Stories

Since 2009, CTEDU has trained over 3,000 coaches and counting. We’re grateful to have a community of inspiring, curious leaders changing the world everyday, these are their stories.

Graduate Stories: Xuandy Ng

Life coaches are needed everywhere. No matter what part of the world you’re in,

Graduate Stories: Alyn Waller

 Most people don’t realize the magic of coaching until they experience it themselves. That’s

Graduate Stories: Farah Radwan

Life coaching tools and skills are changing the way relationships work everywhere. Certified Academic

Graduate Stories: Roshaunda Cade

No matter what your passion is, life coaching can be a great step for

Graduate Stories: Amanda Dewey

You often don’t know the impact coaching can have on you until you give

Graduate Stories: Christina Chong

Christina Chong, Certified Academic Coach and the Manager of the College Life Coaching Program

Graduate Stories: Christina Dizon

Your journey as a coach will be transformative, fulfilling and take you places you

Graduate Stories: Sam Moinet

Sam Moinet, CTEDU Certified Academic Coach, launched his own coaching practice, Student Breakthrough coaching

Graduate Stories: Will Brydon

Will Brydon, Certifed Academic Coach, started his own life coaching business, Peak by Brydon

Graduate Stories: Laurence Hewitt

Laurence Hewitt, CTEDU Certified Executive Coach, works as an Agile Coach at IBM along

Hayden Lee | Graduate Stories

This week’s Graduate Stories episode features CTEDU graduate and former trainer Hayden Lee. In