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Alyn Waller

A Coach Training EDU Graduate Story:

Most people don’t realize the magic of coaching until they experience it themselves. That’s how Alyn Waller, CTEDU Certified Executive Coach, started his life coaching journey.

Alyn: “I’ve been pastoring for 30 years and I had the opportunity to experience coaching when I went back to school actually to sharpen my leadership skills so I did a program so Harvard and they have us a coach and I never experienced coaching. I never had a coach, never thought much about it but my experience of having a coach piqued by interest because what I recognized being a counselor for 30 years, I knew these principles it was just different language. Because I have a final degree in marriage and family counseling and so I was like I know this stuff its just different language and used in a different way and this was beneficial for me in my journey of becoming a better leader. And I said you know what I want to do this and pursue this for people.”

Q: What’s your vision for your coaching business?

Alyn: “The vision for my coaching business is empowering leaders to change the world. I believe, you know, everything about this year, everything about right now – we’ve hit an inflection point. Everything from the pandemic, to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor all of that this is our 60s. And we’re going to need leaders who are not just trained in organizational structure but who understand themselves.”

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