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Wennie Lu

Wennie Lu is an ICF ACC Certified Executive Coach helping clients refine priorities and manage their time more effectively. Her coaching style combines a soft coaching presence with hard hitting questions, the perfect mix for clients who need an extra level of support and calm during sessions. As someone who has continually thrived in male-driven fields, Wennie is especially adept at helping clients who want to navigate traditional spaces without sacrificing their authenticity or ethics.

Wennie began her journey as a paralegal for a local law firm specializing in business litigation, where she learned the importance of communication in resolving conflict. In addition to her coaching practice, Wennie is a founding partner of Dorian gre, a content marketing consultancy serving successful small businesses and sole proprietors. Before transitioning to coaching, Wennie spent years in artist management, getting artists paid and negotiating deals on their behalf.

When she isn’t working, Wennie volunteers with Imagine LA, helping previously homeless families work toward a financially sustainable future.

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