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Tahnthawan Coffin

Tahnthawan is a wellness life coach and co-founder of Marigold Workplace Wellness Partners in the US state of Maine.  After 10 years of teaching abroad in Thailand, England, and Switzerland, Tahnthawan returned to her New England hometown to raise her three children.

She finds life coaching a fabulous combination of the things she most loves: connecting with people, and helping others harness their inner strength and motivation.  She is passionate about running and just about every form of physical exercise, getting her kids moving in the outdoors, and being part of her local community. 

As the Director of Coaching for Marigold, Tahnthawan designs coaching programs and workshops tailored to the needs of corporate clients. In her private coaching practice, she works with any individual committed to moving themselves forward. She has a particular interest in supporting young people in career development and transition, parents of young children and teens, and athletes recovering from injury.

Her favorite part of being a wellness coach? Being present for those beautiful moments when clients experience an unexpected wave of heightened self-awareness.

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