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The flexibility of options plus the power of focus.

Each program includes core life coaching concepts. So you’ll be able to take the coaching concepts and coach anyone on any topic.

With the additional program focus, however, you’re able to take a deeper dive into certain topics and add tools to your toolbox tailored to your speciality.

Academic Life Coach Training

For coaches, educators, and advisors yearning to use coaching concepts and tools with students and young adults to equip young people to lead fulfilled, effective lives.

Explore the Academic Life Coach Training Program.

Executive Coach Training

For coaches who want to work with executives and entrepreneurs to spark creativity, maintain work-life balance, and unleash professional and personal growth and potential.

Explore the Executive Coach Training Program.

Wellness Coach Training

For coaches wanting a holistic coach training program and tools and guidelines to explore topics of health and wellness, from exercise to positive and sustainable lifestyle change.

Explore the Wellness Coach Training Program.

Empowering Coaches to Create Change.

Programs that will transform you professionally and personally.

“The training was phenomenal and has limitless potential. The coaches were thought provoking and inspiring!”
– Evonne Jenkins

Starting your own business or brining new concepts into an established institution takes courage. Success requires a leap into the unknown.

The courses at Coach Training EDU offer a map: a business blueprint and workshop materials will save you time and help you start working with clients faster.

The useful and actionable feedback will make you a better coach and leader. And what you learn will have a lasting impact on other areas in your life. It’s more than a training program. It’s a life transformation program.

“I’m so grateful for Coaching Training EDU and the skills they brought to my coaching practice.
Each class was personalized and I was able to create strong relationships with fellow coaches. I loved that I could be a part of a remote class, and our trainer, Hannah, was available outside of class to talk and answer any questions we had.
During our course, I had personal breakthroughs that allowed me to feel comfortable enough to say YES to starting my life coaching business and move through blockages with a high self-awareness.
I highly recommend.”
– Kayley Robsham

Program Features

Engaging Training Sessions

Each 1.0 & 2.0 coach training program is 24 training sessions long. Regular length courses are 6 months meeting once a week. The intensive course is 3 months and meets twice a week.

Personal Attention

In addition to live weekly group meetings, you’ll have a chance to meet one-to-one with your coach trainer for specific feedback and support.

Printed Books & Materials

You will receive a printed copy of the training guide and copies of the client guides to get you started.

Certification from Coach Training EDU

As an accredited coach training company, Coach Training EDU offers its own certification. Add Group Mentor Coaching, and you can become an Associate or Professional Certified Coach through Coach Training EDU.

Certification through the ICF

Your training plus group mentor coaching satisfies 3 out of the 5 certification requirements from the ICF.
(The other two are logged coaching hours and a written coach knowledge assessment.)

Sample Admin and Marketing Materials

From sample client contracts to PowerPoint presentation slides and scripts, you have access to previously recorded business building sessions to copies of business plans different coaches have used to launch their practices.

“Coach Training EDU is the best in class training program.”
– Margie Anderson

Coach Training & Certification Paths.

The Highest Standards of Accreditation.

Each of Coach Training EDU’s programs – Academic, Executive, and Wellness – has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

These larger training programs consists of three courses: an 1.0 coach training course, mentor coaching, and 2.0 coach training.

You can choose to complete any of the courses separately. Or you can combine them to complete a full ACTP and fast track your certification with the ICF.

“Being certified through the Academic Life Coach Training Program
at Coach Training EDU, has been life changing!”
– Michael McBreen

Coach Training Courses.

Coach Training EDU offers a series of online webinar courses designed to meet ICF coach certification requirements and launch successful coaching careers.

The courses are for people passionate about helping others and delight in the success of clients and teams.

1.0 Academic Life Coach Training

Boosts student engagement and retention. A core coaching skills course which also specializes in training people to be coaches for students and young adults.

1.0 Executive Coach Training

A core coaching skills course with additional tools for coaches to work with executives, entrepreneurs, and teams. and the challenges facing creative teams.

1.0 Wellness Coach Training

A core coaching skills course that adds an additional focus on areas of health, wellness, exercise, food choice, and lifestyle change.

2.0 Advanced Coach Training

An advanced coach training course designed to take your coaching skills to the next level and explore topics in positive psychology.

Group Mentor Coaching

Ensure you meet the highest levels of coaching skills and earn you coach certification.

Build Your Life’s Work

A 12 week program designed to launch your coaching practice with confidence.

Academic Life Coaching Sport

For coaches who want to work with student-athletes.

In-Person Leadership Training

Experience a one or two day in-person training in select cities starting late 2018.


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