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Since 2009 CTEDU has been a leader in training coaches in live remote training.


Attend a Live 90-minute

Sample Training Session

Interactive experience delivered via Zoom.

  • Engage in a sample coach training experience with one of CTEDU’s certified trainers.
  • Explore levels of listening and other core coaching concepts.
  • Experience an in-class coach and client simulation.

A Tour of the Virtual Campus

Experience a Best-in-Class Learning Management System.

The two-week trial gives you the chance to get the look and feel of the virtual campus. The training takes advantage of a best-in-class learning management system that guides your training and outlines preparation.

Organized material in bite-sized training sessions.
Access to the first 2 chapters of the textbooks.
Programs designed for distance learning.
Access to the first 2 weeks of audio/video recordings.

Sample Materials to Decide which ICF
Accredited Program to Pursue

Your Coach Specialization is one of your Super Powers.

Since each program’s foundation is a complete ICF-accredited program, you’re equipped to coach anyone on any topic. However, training a specialization–Executive, Wellness, and Academic–adds context and specific tools to build the strongest foundation for your coaching career.

Core ICF Accredited Core Coaching Program.
Certification from Coach Training EDU.
Programs designed for distance learning.
ICF-credentialed coach trainers.

For coaches who want to work with executives and entrepreneurs to spark creativity, maintain work-life balance, and tap into professional and personal growth and potential.

For coaches wanting a holistic coach training program and tools and guidelines to explore topics of health and wellness, from exercise to positive and sustainable lifestyle change.

For coaches, educators, and advisors yearning to use coaching concepts and tools with students and young adults to equip young people to lead fulfilled, effective lives.

Opportunity to Connect with
an Admissions Advisor

Let’s Chart Your Training Path & See if We’re a Good Fit.

Every CTEDU Admissions Advisor holds an ICF credential and is ready to walk you through the process of becoming an ICF-certified coach. A coach certification is a key credential for your coaching career, letting potential clients know you’ve developed a strong set of valuable skills.

Explore with ICF Coach Certification Fits Best.
Speak with an ICF-credentialed coach.
Explore Advanced Coach Training & Electives.
The fastest way to get all your questions answered.

Opportunity to Experience a live
90-minute Sample Training Class

A Live, Interactive Webinar Complete
with Coaching Exercises and Breakout Rooms.

Experience of the flipped classroom model and experience coaching first-hand. During the live 1.5-hour, interactive virtual training experience you will:

Engage in a genuine coach training experience with one of our world-class trainers.
Gain clarity on what professional coaching really is and how it differs from other services.
Experience 2 of CTEDU's Coaching Tools.
Ask questions, share ideas, and hear other’s perspectives.

To attend sign up for the free trial and schedule a call with an admissions advisor.



To provide life coach training that changes lives, launches careers, and promotes human flourishing.

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