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Life Coach Training

Build The Strongest Foundation for Your Coaching Career.

Programs Designed to Transform You & Your Skillset

Life Coach Training develops your skillset to have conversations that change people’s lives. It provides tools for you to explore challenges with increased confidence. Knowing how to apply life coaching theory – and the weekly coaching practice in your coach training sessions – changes your own life, both personally and professionally. At the end of your coach training course, you will marvel at the distance you have traveled, the insights you’ve gained, and the friendships you’ve forged.


Attend a Live 90-minute

Sample Training Session

Interactive experience delivered via Zoom.

  • Engage in a sample coach training experience with one of CTEDU’s certified trainers.
  • Explore levels of listening and other core coaching concepts.
  • Experience an in-class coach and client simulation.

Experience Online Life Coaching Certification and Training Refined by Over a Decade of Experience.

Since 2009 CTEDU has trained thousands of coaches and helped them earn certified life coach credentials from New York to Dubai in over fifty countries. A few of the organizations that have worked with CTEDU:


Life Coach Training for a Cause

Woven into CTEDU’s mission is a passion for equipping people with tools and skills to flourish.

A key part of that mission is designing courses based on learning’s best practices. CTEDU’s learning philosophy is rooted in adopting a growth mindset. Each session has clear learning objectives. And attention to clarity (and kindness) is rigorous.

Pillars of Executive Coach Training. Coach Training EDU creates engaging training webinars and in-person experiences that transform participants.


Essential Life Coaching Skills

You will learn and explore each of the 11 identified core coaching competencies.


Set into a Practical Context

From personality assessments to 360 degree feedback tools, you’ll gain a toolbox of fantastic and proven exercises to use with clients.


A Business Success Roadmap

Included in each program is a business success roadmap and business materials from sample contracts to guidelines on pricing and getting your first five clients.


Passionate Community of Coaches

The friendships formed in each training program lasts a lifetime. You will make lifelong friends in your training as well as be connected to a fantastic group of CTEDU alumni.

Pioneers in Accredited Online Life Coach Training

For over a decade CTEDU has been a pioneer in leveraging technology for distance learning.

In 2009 CTEDU founder John Andrew Williams, an accredited coach and former Latin teacher, first launched the Academic Life Coach Training Program with two participants: Rawan Albina from Dubai and Gina Halsted from Boston. From that simple beginning, the courses and programs have grown to have trained over 4,000 participants from over 50 countries over the past 12 years. Today you have the opportunity to join a proven program, designed specifically for online coach training, and continually updated to incorporate the latest studies in positive psychology.


How Our Education Model is Different

Whether you’re new to coaching or already have some coach training, Coach Training EDU’s programs will both challenge and equip you to build the business and career you’re yearning to create. Participants all over the world rave about the transformative experience both in diving deep into weekly readings and recordings as well as forging friendships with fellow coaches.


Modern Classroom Learning

Coach Training EDU offers a flipped classroom model of coach training to give you the most out of your training experience. With the lectures prerecorded, class time is spent in Q&A, discussion, and actual coaching to maximize learning.


Built Around Your Growth

The education model is built for your success. Clear objectives and measures of success are set in place each training session to help you grow and flourish.


Feedback That Inspires And Invites Growth

As a student coach, it is important to address weaknesses and leverage strengths in your coaching skill set. Through empowering feedback from the coach trainer and other classmates, you will be empowered to create and discover your unique coaching skill set each session.


Accredited Life Coach Training Programs Built for Practical Application

Each of CTEDU’s programs are built with practical application in mind. Life coach training equips you to be a professional life coach with a fulfilling coaching career, whether within an organization or with a thriving private practice. Build Your Life’s Work is a stand alone Business Building Course, designed to fit into a 1.0 Coach Training or 2.0 Advanced Course. Its principles can be adapted to optimize the rollout and implementation of coach training in an organizational setting as well.

“I have a picture . . . of me sitting on Martin Luther King’s lap. I’ve always had that picture and it reminds me of what I’m supposed to do. Now I’m trying to help raise this next generation to keep the fight up.” – Alyn Waller, Executive Life Coach

"I'm learning that the time you have with a client is really sacred." – Emme Aronson, Executive Life Coach

“I was able to find my thing for myself. I didn't know what I wanted to do in life...Being able to find coaching, summed it up for me." – Gabrielle Matthews, Executive Life Coach



The Complete Essential Coach Training Program includes 1.0 Essential, Group Mentor Coaching, and 2.0 Advanced Coach Training. For those wanting to take coaching’s core concepts, make them their own, and launch their unique coaching career. 3.0 Courses: Inclusion and Biz Launcher.

Learn More


The Complete Wellness Coach Training Program includes 1.0 Wellness, Group Mentor Coaching, and 2.0 Advanced Coach Training. Courses are designed for those wanting to work with clients focusing on well-being. 3.0 Courses: Inclusion, Biz Launcher, and Health Board.

Learn More


The Complete Academic Coach Training Program includes 1.0 Academic, Group Mentor Coaching, and 2.0 Advanced Coach Training. For educators, advisors, and those wanting to work specifically with students, parents, and those in the academic world. 3.0 Courses: Inclusion, Biz Launcher, and ALC Sport.

Learn More


The Complete Executive Coach Training Program includes 1.0 Executive, Group Mentor Coaching, and 2.0 Advanced Coach Training. Courses are designed for those wanting to work with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams. 3.0 Courses: Inclusion, Biz Launcher, and Team.

Learn More

Life Coach Training Tuition Packages

Coach Training EDU offers world-class life coach training at a competitive price to make becoming a trained coach as accessible as possible.



The Intro package is a free 90 minute live sample training class and 30 minutes additional Q&A. It’s an opportunity to try first-hand the experience of CTEDU’s online coach training class. Participants earn 2 ICF coach trainings hours.



The Associate Package is an ideal entry-level training and certification designed to equip coaches to launch a successful independent practice or work within an organization.



The Professional Package adds more tools and depth to coaching concepts. Ideal for those wanting a full-time coaching practice or leading a coaching department within an organization.


3.0 Courses

CTEDU offers dozens of free virtual workshops and other opportunities each year to stay connected with other CTEDU alumni and earn Continuing Education Credits toward your credential renewals.


Request a Course Catalogue.

And in the meantime, you can check out the FAQs, the Tuition & Pricing and the Schedule page.


Speak to an Advisor.

Get all your questions answered. Here’s the 3 Essential Considerations when choosing a coaching school to use as a guide.


Attend a Sample Training Class.

A coaching program is an investment in time, money, and energy. This FREE course is designed to give you a firsthand experience of what training with CTEDU is like.

Attend a live free sample training

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