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Tailor Gable

In the recent joining of Hemp Black, Tailor has excitingly aligned herself in the position of Lead Project Manager where she will be leading a team of project managers that focus on sustainability through BioPlastic projects.

With prior experience working in conjunction with State and Federal programs, Tailor had joined New Composite Partners in 2018 as a specialist in product and business development. Continuing the utilization of USDA programs as growth opportunities for customers has successfully allowed the creation of sustainable product suites to spread itself across the nation.

During her time at New Composite Partners, Tailor traveled throughout the Midwest speaking at various events ranging from small panel discussions with community leaders to working alongside State Senators advocating and educating on the capabilities and projections of Hemp in the BioPlastic industry.

Always striving to achieve the next goal, Tailor’s strongest assets include empathy, awareness, structure, and resilience.

With great pride, even outside of business hours, Tailor maintains a sustainable perspective and lifestyle through gardening, fitness, nature walks, and generational educating on sustainable practices with friends and family, including her 5 year old son, Royce.

Incredibly, Tailor also spends time as a Certified Life Coach, with a Psychology background, partnering with business executives and owners on maintaining peace and boundaries as pillars of leadership.

Tailor is optimistic and driven by the opportunity to join Hemp Black and in a position of gratefulness to be a part of an expanding industry that aligns with her passions and values.

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