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Mika Acklin

Mika Acklin is a mid-level professional with a background in the private/non-profit realm. Her background ranges from working in the mental health sector to human resources. Throughout her career, she realized that she enjoyed connecting people to resources to help bring about change in individual’s lives and careers.

Mika is a professional coach that seeks to revise mid-level executives’ careers. She evokes and creates insight by encouraging these individuals to leverage their current skill set to aspire to the next level in their current job or business. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Park University. In addition, she has a double masters from Park University in Nonprofit Management and Walden University in Organizational Psychology. She has also served on local Diversity & Inclusion committees.

She is also a Leadership/Diversity Coach with Positive Psychology Coaching and Diversity Institute.

Contact Mika at her website Clarifying Purpose Executive Coaching

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