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Roshaunda Cade

A Coach Training EDU Graduate Story:

No matter what your passion is, life coaching can be a great step for you to take it to the next level. CTEDU Certified Life Coach Roshaunda Cade, PhD completed the Executive Life Coach training program and paired her passion with education to become a Writing Coach. She spent her whole life in school, either as a student or working with students having taught all kinds of English classes and African American studies classes. However, the work she’s done in education that she has loved the most is being a writing center Director.

Here’s what inspired her to become a writing coach:

“I’ve been a writing coach for a long time and I’ve run writing centers so I definitely understand the technical aspects of helping people with writing. I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always loved to read, I’ve always loved to be around literature and I’ve run writing centers. It’s my profession, it’s what I do and so I’ve always felt like I’m good at helping people write.

And I’ve learned in helping people write that most people don’t have a problem with writing. You know different people are good at different things but most people don’t struggle with writing they struggle with believing that they can write. They struggle with understanding that they have something important to say. They struggle with feeling confident that they can say something and that it will be well received.

So I found that that is a perfect match with life coaching because I have to help people get past whatever limiting beliefs are keeping them from writing.”

Connect with Roshaunda!

On Instagram: @RoshaundaCade

On her website: www.lela-house.com

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