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Amanda Riffee

Meet Amanda Riffee, a CTEDU graduate and Certified Success Coach!

In addition to her career as a Success Coach, Amanda is a Corporate Senior Director, event speaker, host of the Unleashing You podcast, a wife, and a mom of two in Castle Rock, Colorado.

When speaking to future clients, Amanda says, “If they have a dream on their heart, it is there for a reason. So if you even have that little inkling of, ‘I would love to do this someday,’ or ‘it would be great if I have more time for my family,’ or ‘I wish I was able to travel more’… it's there for a reason. And so when I work with my clients, it's all about bringing those tools and those insights to the surface, because you just have to unlock that for yourself. And it's going to feel scary, it's going to feel exciting, but coaching is such a safe yet challenging environment. There's just no better avenue that I know of to be able to accelerate your growth, [and] create the life that you want for yourself.”

You can connect with Amanda on Instagram, LinkedIn, and by tuning in to her podcast.

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