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Christina Fisher

A Coach Training EDU Graduate Story:

Christina Fisher, CTEDU Certified Wellness Coach, has always felt called to help people all around the world to work through their truths and challenges.

She’s passionate about wisdom, strategy, innovation, creativity, purpose and solution. Her life’s work has been to help people transform their lives.

She’s the CEO and Founder of the Rightfully Positioned, LLC and a Juvenile Justice Investigator for the New York City Law Department. Christina is an honored mother, a business woman and creative idea translator. She’s a proud graduate of the New York City College of Technology and Everyday Seminary.

Christina: “I feel like a lot of us make choices based on the moment and not who we were called to be. And so when we can discover at our core who we were designed to be we’re able to be creative at optimal levels and tap into productivity that we didn’t even know existed. And so dealing with the core of who we are, so we can become who we were intended to be.”

Q: What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a coach?

Christina: “I would say make sure that you’re heart is in it. I would tell them don’t get in this field for the money, the potential money that you can make. Get into this field because you want to make a difference.”

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