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Xuandy Ng

A Coach Training EDU Graduate Story:

Life coaches are needed everywhere. No matter what part of the world you’re in, you can support people on their journeys of self-discovery with the unique skill sets life coaching provides. Xuandy Ng, CTEDU Certified Coach, completed the Academic Life Coaching program and opened an online teaching company.

She’s a teacher based in Malaysia and wanted to better support her students. Her online teaching company based in Taiwan demonstrates the reach life coaching can have. Her goal is to support students as they find the best way they learn and help parents find the best ways to support their children.

Q: What’s the vision for your coaching business?

Xuandy: "My vision for my coaching business is that everyone that works with me can benefit from coaching. My teachers, the teachers need help too. The parents, students, children – that they know how to live their life and they know how to enjoy their life while they learn and grow."

Q: How was coaching changed your life?

Xuandy: "Coaching has taught me to listen, to really listen to others. And it also gives me the power to help more people, more children, more friends and family and well it’s a gift."

Connect with Xuandy!

On Instagram: @tiny.teacher.xuandy

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