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Christina Chong

A Coach Training EDU Graduate Story:

Christina Chong, Certified Academic Coach and the Manager of the College Life Coaching Program at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, shares her experience building out a centralized coaching unit at FIU.

Q: How can an institution benefit from implementing coaching into their student experience? 

A: “At FIU now, we have a pretty small coaching team but we’ve made a pretty big impact in that we have tried to spread the coaching philosophy among different student-facing staff members and talk about the importance of the quality of interactions with our students. Our team in itself grew from 1 person to now having a team of 3 coaches in addition to my role as manager. In which we work with students who are struggling academically but lately actually within the last 6 months or so we’ve been having a lot more students self-refer, so they’re not struggling academically, they see the benefit of coaching and they want the opportunity to have free coaching services. Right now we work with about 200 students a semester offering biweekly coaching sessions with undergraduate students.”

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