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"I just feel like there's this group of people that have enabled me to not just coach, but to be coached and to learn from them and to explore."

Randi Kurtzer/Executive Life Coach, Raleigh, NC

ICF Accredited Life Coach Certification Program

Experience life coach training designed to put you on a solid path to not only earn certification but also to up level your career.

CTEDU offers its own certification that qualifies for ICF and NWHBC’s training requirements.

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3 Best Life Coach Certifications Designed with Your Career in Mind

Choose The Life Coach Credential that best Fits Your Career Path









Coach Training EDU Offers 3 Different Levels of Certification 

Associate Certified Coach: The perfect certification to start your coaching practice or get hired as an in-house coach.

Professional Certified Coach: For those serious about advancing their coaching career, full-time coaches, and directors of coaching programs. 

Master Certified Coach: For those wanting to master the craft of coaching and make a mark on the field. 

Each of these levels can be paired with any specialized certification.

How will you use coach certification as a career tool?

78% of people that are interested in working with a coach...

indicate it’s “important” or “very important” for their coach to have a life coach certification or credential. (ICF Consumer Awareness Survey 2022.)

In the last two years, awareness and demand for coaching has more than doubled. And the market is getting savvy. The hiring managers, directors of coaching departments, and individuals interested in life coaching are learning to look for coaches with ICF and/or NWHBC coaching certifications.

It’s the perfect time to jump into the field. A recognized life coach certification serves as the best foundation for your career and keeps you on the cutting-edge.

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What will be your legacy?

Coach Certification as a Best Practice for You and future Clients.

You will become a better coach. You will capitalize on improvement opportunities. Certification ensures you’ve covered blind spots, know industry best practices, and have internalized coaching ethics. You--and your clients--deserve the best from what the field has to offer.

  • Train with ICF and NBHWC credentialed expert trainers
  • Receive multiple opportunities for 1-on-1 feedback
  • Know with confidence you meet and exceed ICF and NWHBC standards
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How would you pivot your career?

Life coach certification is one of the best tools to uncover big opportunities.

Get Hired In-House.

A coaching credential is a valuable tool to offer future employers. It gives you the ability to bring your coaching skills to an in-house coaching department and infuse your skill set throughout your position and company.

Develop a Coaching Program at Your Organization.

Gives you the foundation to develop an in-house coaching program, like CTEDU graduate and Agile Coach Lawrence Hewitt at IBM’s Watson Institute.

Bring Coach Certification to Your Team.

Join hundreds of universities and organizations that have brought CTEDU’s training and certification programs in-house. Inquire about group and university rates.

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Gabrielle Matthews

“Everyday, I learn something new”

Gabrielle Matthews
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Selina Wirz

I realized that coaching is the key instrument for change through self-discovery.

Selina Wirz/Academic Coach

Steps to Become a Certified Life Coach

Step 1. Choose an Accredited Life Coach Training School

Start by doing some research. Make sure you find a school that is accredited by a reputable organization, such as the International Coaching Federation or the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. 

Aleka Bilan

I really believe in the power of stories and the importance of owning your own story, understanding your own story, knowing all the hurt that can happen in your story, as well as, all the celebrations.

Aleka Bilan/Academic Life Coach


What are CTEDU’s certification requirements?

What are the ICF certification requirements?

What are the NBHWC certification requirements?

Is your institution accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

Is your institution accredited by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching?

What kind of continuing education is offered at CTEDU?

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