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Nick Sanchez

A Coach Training EDU Graduate Story:

Nick Sanchez’s, CTEDU Certified Executive Coach, passion lies in exploring the systems and injustices that keep us from realizing our potential. 

He became a Coach after personally being coached and impacted by others in his life. Nick believes in the power of listening and in supporting each other in discovering who we are. 

Q: How has coaching impacted your life?

Nick: “Coaching has impacted my life in helping my ability to listen and be present for others. And it’s also helped me trust that others have the answers within themselves.”

Q: What did you learn most about yourself in your training with CTEDU?

Nick: “Coming into Coach Training EDU and working with the other coaches and trainers and role-playing and listening each session. I really began to understand, yeah, I can do this. I can actually be a coach and I think we all can and that was a really beautiful moment to think that all of us could be coaches too.”

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