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Diane Nicosia

Diane Nicosia, MBA, is a certified life coach and reiki master who fuses spirituality with practicality. After working for over 30 years with notable corporations like American Express and Lever Brothers, then serving as Conair Corporation's Director of Marketing, she shifted focus to follow her second, more pressing calling — to shepherd others toward fulfillment using her innate gifts. 

She added a reiki certification in September of 2020 and a certificate from Coach Training EDU's Wellness Program in October of 2020 to her marketing-focused MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business.

She uses her intuitive abilities to ground and enhance her step-by-step approach, through which she helps her clients learn who they are, what goals align with their sense of self and how to attain those goals. She tailors a unique coaching program, interwoven with meditation and reiki, for each of her clients based on their individual needs.

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