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The Cutting-Edge of Life Coach Training

Build a Career that Changes Lives. Including Your Own.

Experience a training program built on best practices on the cutting-edge of the growing field of coaching. Since 2009 CTEDU has helped thousands of coaches launch successful coach careers. #careergrowthwithpurpose

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Lindsay Helm/CTEDU Graduate, Personal Trainer, Co-Founder of Stand Strong Training, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CTEDU has trained thousands of coaches belonging to organizations including

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University of Oklahoma
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When you hear “you’d make a great life coach” for the 10th time...

It's time to pivot to a coaching career.

Build on your experience. Gain a recognized coach credential. And increase your confidence to lead conversations that change lives.

Why Choose CTEDU?

Flexible Programming

Flexible Programming

With online classes offered at various start times, you can choose the program that best meets your scheduling needs.

Top Tier Accreditation

Top Tier Accreditation

CTEDU is accredited at the highest standards by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Client Matching

Client Matching

Through strategic partnerships with organizations and alumni, CTEDU actively matches graduates with coaching positions and paying clients.

For Individuals

Since 2009, CTEDU has trained over 4,000 coaches in ICF and Health Board approved programs.

Earn a recognized coaching certificate

Support in launching your coaching career

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For Organizations

Since 2012, CTEDU has worked with over 200 organizations and universities to bring ICF accredited training in house

Bring a custom coach training curriculum to your team

Hire CTEDU certified coaches to work in-house

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More than 75% of CTEDU graduates report making coach training related income within two months of graduating.

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Sam Moinet

No more lost opportunity.

Take the Next Step to Launch Your Career.

Explore the best practices to attract and enroll clients or uplevel your organization with coaching skills. Develop the skills to confidently lead and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Coach-Client Matching

Business Building Roadmaps

Ongoing Support after Graduation

Industry Best-Practices

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Build your credibility.

Earn an Industry-Recognized Certification

Level up professionally and personally with a Life Coach Certification while also being placed on the fastest path to be credentialed by the International Coaching Federation.

ICF Accredited Program

Research-Based Curriculum

10+ Years Experience

Certified Expert Trainers

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Wennie Lu
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Will Brydon

No more going solo.

Join a Global Community of Curious Leaders.

The alumni community has over 3000 trained coaches in 50 countries. It starts with the close-knit classroom experience. After 15 minutes of being in a live training session you’ll feel like you’re in the same room with people from all over the world.

Extensive alumni program

Business Support

Community Events

Life-long access to materials

Program Features

Organized Learning

Our curriculum is designed using the flipped-classroom model, an industry-leading method for optimized adult learning to ensure you're getting the most out of each session.

Streamlined path to ICF Credentialing

Once you’ve earned your CTEDU certification, you will be eligible for certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the governing body of the coaching profession.

How does it work?


Apply for

With cohort sizes limited to 14, courses tend to fill 2 weeks before start dates. An application saves your spot while admissions processes your application, which typically takes three business days.


Earn Your

By completing your core coursework and your mentor coaching hours (a requirement for ICF and Health Board Certification included in every core coaching package), you will be on your way to an ICF or NBHWC credential.


Build Your

Throughout your training and beyond, CTEDU offers support in helping you establish your coaching business or building a coaching department in house.

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Sheree Baugh Headshot

I can't encourage someone who wants to train to be a coach more, that this is a really great program if you want community and growth, and learning, you should definitely come here.

Sheree Baugh/Wellness Life Coach


What is life Coaching?

What are the steps to becoming a life coach?

What resources are available to graduates/alumni of the program?

What is the structure of your program?

What support is provided to me if I want to build a coaching practice?

How robust is your program’s curriculum?

What does a successful coach look like?

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Is Coach Training EDU for you?

See what other participants have said about the training program.

Check out program details: Academic Life Coach Training, Executive Coach Training, and Wellness Coach Training.

You can read our FAQ section or request a PDF with a summary of the information.

You can check out tuition and full year course schedule as well as certification requirements.

The next best step is to schedule a 25 minute exploratory call with an Admissions Advisor.

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