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How to Become a Life Coach in 6 Months

Coach Training EDU™ offers inclusive International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coaching training to people who want to transform their lives, empower others, and change the world.

Gain the skillset you need to be a confident life coach and launch your coaching practice and take your career to the next level. CTEDU’s programs are designed to be highly interactive, giving you hands-on experience and real-time feedback to sharpen your coaching skills.

If you like – or find inordinate joy in – research, footnotes, and cited sources, you’ve found your program.


Experience Online Life Coaching Certification and Training Refined by Over a Decade of Experience.

Since 2009 CTEDU has trained thousands of coaches and helped them earn certified life coach credentials from New York to Dubai in over fifty countries. A few of the organizations that have worked with CTEDU:


A Life Coaching School with an International Reach

Join a Global Community of Passionate Coaches. CTEDU is dedicated to helping the world become a more empathetic place. A key aspect of our mission is to develop a vibrant global community.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of your coaching program are the friendships that develop between you and your classmates. After six months of learning together, you will develop meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. After graduation, please join us at CTEDU alumni events. Connect with over 3000 professional coaches from 50 countries who are creating positive change in the world.

Life Coaching Careers with Purpose

Hear from CTEDU Graduates about the impact of our ICF accredited life coaching programs online, and in-person training, and the professional excellence in coaching they are doing in this world.


I was able to find my thing for myself. I didn't know what I wanted to do in life...Being able to find coaching, summed it up for me.

Gabrielle Matthews / Executive Coach

Customize Your Life Coaching Career

Each CTEDU program is filled with life coaching courses built on an ICF accredited core coaching program, set into a practical context to save you time and give you targeted tools.


Essential Life Coach Training

Foundational coach training ideal for those seeking the core coaching skills allowing them to coach on any topic or unique coaching niche.

Explore Essential Life Coaching

Academic Program

Ideal for coaches working with students in high school, college, or graduate school.

Explore Academic Life Coaching

Health & Wellness Coach Training

Ideal for coaches wanting additional tools addressing health, well-being, and flourishing.

Explore Health & Wellness Coaching

Executive & Team Coach Training

Ideal for coaches working with entrepreneurs, executives, or teams.

Explore Executive & Team Coaching

Life Coaching Degree Programs Based on Positive Psychology and Practical Application

More than 75% of CTEDU Graduates Report Coach Training Related Income Within Two Months of Graduation.

We offer a proven, strengths-based approach to coaching competencies, hinging on the benefits of Positive Psychology. Our ICF accredited courses, certified trainers, and life coach certification programs ensures a powerful springboard for your career.

CTEDU’s curriculum is designed on the flipped classroom model based on learning’s best practices.


CTEDU’s Career Life Coaching Program Offers:


Immersive Training Experience


Textbooks and Materials Based on a Foundation of Positive Psychology


Coaching Business Building Plans & Materials Included


Small Class Size & Expert Certified Coach Trainers


International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coaching Programs


International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coaching Programs


Health Board Certification Coming


10+ Years’ Online and In-person Coaching Experience

Certified Life Coaching Programs - Test Drive

Learn more about our ICF Accredited Programs by experiencing one first hand.

Level up professionally and personally with a Life Coach Certification while also being placed on the fastest path to credentialing by the International Coach Federation. Our Free 90-Minute Sample Coach Training Session is ideal for anyone who is curious about coaching. Experiencing a training session is the quickest way to see if coach training is for you.


Attend a Live 90-minute

Sample Training Session

Interactive experience delivered via Zoom.

  • Engage in a sample coach training experience with one of CTEDU’s certified trainers.
  • Explore levels of listening and other core coaching concepts.
  • Experience an in-class coach and client simulation.

Trailblazers in Science-Based Coach Training

A trailblazer for applied life coaching theory, Coach Training EDU, is one of the only ICF accredited life coaching schools that bases its training on a unified theory of coaching.

Drawing from over a decade of research, your training focuses on how you can apply insights from the latest studies to your coaching practice. Such a strong theoretical background allows you to explore areas of coaching with more confidence by taking theory and developing the skills to apply them.


I started to see really quickly this was going to have a massive impact on students in my school. Their grades went up, their relationships at home improved, they started exercising and I really fell in love with coaching.

Sam Moinet / Academic Coach

Become a Life Coach - Admissions

Is Coach Training EDU for you?


Let’s Continue the Conversation.

Whether you’re new to coaching or already have some coach training, Coach Training EDU’s programs will both challenge and equip you to build the business and career you’re yearning to create.

Participants all over the world rave about the transformative experience both in diving deep into weekly readings and recordings as well as forging friendships with fellow coaches.

If you’re passionate about bringing more curiosity, empathy, and personal growth into the world, you’re in the right place. We’d love to continue the conversation.

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To provide life coach training that changes lives, launches careers, and promotes human flourishing.

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