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CTEDU offers the Strongest
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Coach Training EDU delivers inclusive, ICF-certified coach training to people who want to transform their lives, empower others, and make an impact.

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Since 2009, thousands of individual from over 50 countries and dozens of organizations have trained with Coach Training EDU.

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Career Growth with Purpose

More than 75% of CTEDU graduates report making training related income.

As one of the best life coach training schools on the market, CTEDU provides immersive, high-quality accreditation, and continued career support to help you establish a successful coaching career. CTEDU’s life coaching career program offers:

Business blueprints and marketing assets, from business plans to slide decks.
Guidelines for implementing coaching programs in organizations and universities.
Small cohorts of 10 to 14 people to optimize learning.
Lifetime access to material updates.

Positive Psychology & Strengths-Based Life Coach Training

Designed for people who love footnotes and cited sources.

CTEDU offers a proven, strengths-based approach, hinging on the benefits of Positive Psychology. Our ICF-accredited courses, certified trainers, and life-coach certification ensures a powerful springboard for your career. CTEDU curriculum helps you:

Identify and leverage your --and your client's-- strengths.
Apply Positive Psychology theory within a Life Coaching framework.
Trust your instincts as well as the coaching process to provide tremendous value to your clients.
Add concepts and tools to your toolbox. (Complete with PDFs and workbooks designed for you to use with your clients.)
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Join CTEDU's Active Global Community

Life long friends from around the world.

One of the best parts of the training are the friends and connections you make with people from around the world. Tap into an inclusive community of coaches passionate about personal and professional growth. CTEDU’s ongoing support will help you lay the foundation for a long and fruitful life coaching career!

Weekly Alumni.
Community forums.
Graduate Features.
And Book Clubs!


To provide life coach training that changes lives, launches careers, and promotes human flourishing.

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