Coach Training Schedule

Upcoming Courses

Small Classes Means More Hands On Learning.

Class size is limited to 12 to 14 people. Smaller classes means more time for practicing coaching tools and getting individualized feedback. Courses at peak times (September and January) tend to fill two weeks before start dates.

Each class meets weekly.

Interleaved learning is the most effective. Meeting weekly over the course of three to six months ensures you have the time to fully integrate the material into your skill set and have the support you need to launch your career to the next level.

Every training session is recorded.

All online life coach training sessions are recorded and available as a private video playlist. If you need to miss a class, it’s easy to catch up.

Academic Life Coach Training Program

The Academic Life Coaching Program offers life coach certification for educators, advisors, and professionals looking to work with students.

The Associate Certification path includes the 1.0 Academic together with Mentor Coaching. The Professional Certification path includes the 1.0 Academic, Mentor Coaching, and 2.0 Advanced Coach Training.

Executive Coach Training Program

The Executive Life Coaching Program is for professionals looking to work with business leaders and entrepreneurs. It contains a core life coaching program along with tools and exercises designed to work with strengths and leadership principles.

The 1.0 offers an easy entry point to earning a certification with business support to start your coaching practice. The 2.0 adds advanced coaching skills to take your practice to the next level.

Wellness Life Coach Training Program

The Wellness Life Coaching Program focuses on applying life coaching concepts to health and well-bring.The 1.0 Wellness course plus Mentor Coaching are necessary for associate level life coach certification. The 2.0 course adds advanced life coaching tools as well as further training hours that qualify you to apply for professional level certification.

Additional Training Programs

Group Mentor Coaching

Any 1.0 course plus Mentor Coaching qualifies you to become an accredited associate coach. With a 1.0 course and mentor coaching, you can apply to the ICF for certification via the ACSTH path.

2.0 Advanced Coach Training


By adding the 2.0 Advanced Coach Training course, you qualify to be a Professional Certified Coach. You can also apply to the ICF for certification via the more steam-lined ACTP path.