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Erica Penner

A Coach Training EDU Graduate Story:

Erica, CTEDU Certified Life & Leadership Coach, works with women navigating the push-pull between security and risk in their life and career.

It’s her life’s work and passion to help women rise.

Through coaching and with tools designed specifically for women, Erica supports her clients in rooting down in order to step into their version of rising.

Q: What inspired you to become a coach?

Erica: “I signed up to be coached by someone and I couldn’t believe my first experience of being coached. I was totally floored. It was the most impactful conversation I’ve had in years and it was an hour long. I felt like I could fly when I walked out of the room. And so I signed up for a coach training course three days later, CTEDU. And it has been such an incredible journey ever since.”

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On Instagram: @erica_giselle

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