What to Know About CTEDU's Coach Training Program

With numerous options available, we understand that finding the “right” coach training program can feel a bit overwhelming, even confusing. Here is a list of 15 critical questions that can help you make an informed decision.

Credibility & Longevity

How long have you been training coaches?

  • Coach Training EDU has been training passionate people to become professional coaches since 2009.

How many coaches have you trained?

  • Coach Training EDU has trained over 3,000 coaches in over 50 countries in the areas of Academic Life Coaching, Executive Life Coaching, and Wellness Life Coaching.

What organizations or companies have you provided training to their teams?

  • From the University of Oklahoma to Thomas Nelson Community College to North Georgia Technical College, Coach Training EDU has worked with a wide variety of Universities and Colleges to train their faculty and staff. In addition, we have worked with companies & organizations to train their employees. 

What resources are available to graduates/alumni of your program?

  • Graduates and alumni of any Coach Training EDU have lifetime access to their course resources, including any new additions of the text and workbooks. In addition, our graduates continue to network, connect, and practice through regular Power Hours, private social media groups, and have the opportunity to be a guest on our Coaching to Flourish podcast.

Program Information

What coach specializations do you offer?

  • Coach Training EDU offers three specializations: Academic Life Coaching for those who would like to work with students up to and through college, Executive Life Coaching for those who would like to work with executives and other leaders, and Wellness Life Coaching for those who would like to work with individuals in creating a healthy lifestyle.

What is the structure of your program? (e.g. length of program, frequency and duration of class, training platform, etc.)

  • Our 1.0 and 2.0 courses meet once a week for two hours over the course of six months. our Group Mentor Classes meet once a week for one hour over the course of eight weeks, and our bonus courses, meet one hour a week for 12 weeks. Our 1.0 and 2.0 courses are led by two trainers to provide diverse coaching perspectives and all of our courses are live and interactive via the Zoom platform.

What support is provided to me if I want to build a coaching practice?

  • All coaches who enroll in any of our programs receive access to a “Build Your Life’s Work Self-Study,” which provides critical resources for building a coaching practice, such as determining a niche, building a website, marketing your practice, and deciding on pricing. In addition, we off a Biz Launcher course, which meets once a week for one hour over the course of 12 weeks. This course is live and interactive via the Zoom platform.

What support is provided to me if I want to integrate coaching techniques into my current work?

  • Similarly to the “Build Your Life’s Work Self-Study,” we also offer an integration guide for those coaches who are more interested in bringing coaching skills into their current role.

Who leads the training? What is their background?

  • All of our trainers are certified coaches through the ICF as well as certified trainers through Coach Training EDU. Their professional backgrounds vary from education to corporate leaders to fitness instructors and they join us from all around the world.

To what degree does your program rely on positive psychology?

  • The Coach Training EDU curriculum is heavily based and influenced by positive psychology. Our most recent updates to our text includes over 80 citations to the most recent research in the field.

To what degree are the prices on your website fully inclusive of what is necessary to receive
a certification?

  • The pricing you see on our pricing page is true and accurate for our program. There are no hidden or additional costs to receiving an Associate, Professional, or Master certification as described.

Accreditation & Licensing

Is your institution accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

  • Yes, Coach Training EDU has been accredited by the ICF since 2016.

Is your institution licensed in your state to operate as an educational institution?

  • Yes, Coach Training EDU has been licensed to operate through the state of Oregon since 2018.

What is required for me to receive certification through your institution as well as through the ICF?

  • For an Associate Coaching Certification through Coach Training EDU, you will need to complete a 1.0 course as well as a Group Mentor Class.
  • For a Professional Coaching Certification through Coach Training EDU, you will need to complete a 1.0 course, a 2.0 course, and a Group Mentor Class.
  • For a Master Coaching Certification through Coach Training EDU, you will need to complete two 1.0 courses, a 2.0 course, a 2.0 Relationship Coaching course, Group Mentor Class, and Biz Launcher.
  • When you complete the above certification requirements, you are set up for success with the ICF ACTP credentialing process. You will need to complete a credentialing application with the ICF and complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment for certification with the ICF after completing one of the programs above. You will not need to submit recorded coaching sessions to the ICF as that is built into our program. As an accredited organization of the ICF, they honor that as part of our process.

How does your program support me through the entirety of this process?

  • Not only do you have a rich opportunity in class to ask questions, practice, and engage around the coaching concepts, you also have access to your trainers outside of class for additional support. In addition, our support team is readily available to problem-solve with you and encourage you along your journey.

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