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Nick Sanchez | CTEDU Executive Coaching Graduate, California

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Career Growth with Purpose.

Become an Executive Coach.

As an Executive Coach, you’ll help facilitate self-discovery and transform business fields with cutting-edge coaching concepts that revolutionize the way people work.

An Executive Coach Training Designed for Your Coaching Career

Independent Practice

Launch your independent practice quicker with done-for-you presentations and step-by-step guidelines in establishing a successful practice.

Hired In-House

Put your coaching career and credential on solid ground. HR and hiring managers recognize the value of an ICF credential.

Training for Your Team

The program includes core coaching concepts placed in a business context with tools to work with leaders and teams.

The 5 Elements of the Executive Coaching Training Program


Cultivate Your Coaching Strengths. Using a strengths-based, growth mindset approach, you have the opportunity to explore your own personal brand and style of coaching.


Career Growth with Purpose. Whether you choose to launch a coaching practice or serve as an in-house coach within an organization, you will have the resources you need to excel.


Experience, Context & Specific Tools. After exemplifying the Essential Coach Qualities, you will add a variety of tools, exercises, and strategies to your coaching repertoire.


Resting on a Foundation. Upon the base of theory, you will work to embody the Seven Essential Coach Qualities.
Core Coaching Skills. 7 Essential Coach Qualities.


Theory of Positive Psychology. From Hope Theory to Growth Mindset, your trainging program has a foundation on which you will build the skills and strategies necessary to aid your clients in achieveing their success.

Executive Coach Training & Certification Paths

Associate Level

Associate level includes 1.0 Executive Coach Training and Mentor Coaching. It’s an ICF Accredited program designed to equip you with the skills and tools to launch a successful executive coaching practice or become an in-house coach.

Professional Level

Professional level adds the 2.0 Advanced Coach Training. It’s a course designed to give you deeper insight into your coaching style and strengths. Including more concepts from positive psychology and more coaching tools.

Master Level

Master level provides a variety of electives so you can choose a collection of courses that will provide you with the resources, tools, and best practices for your unique coaching approach and desired professional goals.

"Without Coach Training EDU, I wouldn’t have been a professional coach and I couldn’t have a business without CTEDU."

-Laurence Hewitt | U.S.

Laurence Hewitt, CTEDU Certified Executive Coach, works as an Agile Coach at IBM along with managing his own private Career Coaching practice. 

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Executive Coach Training & Certification Paths

Step 01

Request an Info Packet. In the meantime, please review the FAQs, Tuition & Pricing page, and the Schedule page.

Step 02

Speak to an Advisor. Get your questions answered. Use The 3 Essential Considerations as a guide when choosing a coaching school.

Step 03

Attend a FREE Sample Training Class. A coaching program is an investment of time, money, and energy. This course is designed to give you a firsthand experience of a CTEDU training.

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