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NBHWC Accredited Health & Wellness Coach Certification

Coach Training EDU is an approved Health & Wellness Coach Training and Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for the HWC Certifying Examination to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

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NBHWC Health Coach Certification: The Process

NBHWC Health Coach Certification: The Process

Health and wellness coaching is one arm of life coaching that enables coaches to participate in the physical and mental health journeys of their clients.

There are two primary ways health and wellness coaches utilize their skills and certifications, and CTEDU provides a solid foundation for each of these paths.

  • Independent practice
  • Corporate wellness coaching
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Health Coach Certification Online Training Refined by over a Decade of Experience.

Since 2009 CTEDU has trained thousands of coaches and helped them earn certified life coach credentials from New York to Dubai in over fifty countries. A few of the organizations that have worked with CTEDU:

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Your Steps to Becoming a Board Certified Health Coach

Getting your Health and Wellness Coach Certification is an incredible way to add another layer of credibility to your life coach training. We have developed a specialized program just for coaches seeking Health Board Certification.


Step 1. CTEDU 1.0 Essential Life Coach Training

In this 26-session course, you learn the foundational skills required for any coach to have a successful coaching career. This course combines ICF-accredited training with tools and exercises designed for coaches to begin building their coaching practice. By the time you complete this program, you will have mastered the art of designing an alliance, developed a stronger sense of trust in yourself and the process, and learned how to implement proven and effective coaching tools into your coaching practice.


Step 2. CTEDU Wellness Self Study

In this 12-session self-paced course, you will dive into the tools and exercises designed exclusively for clients hoping to focus on their health and wellness. This course explores common health issues such as stress, diet and healthy weight management, physical activity, and developing healthy habits. Through a variety of recorded case studies, you will put your knowledge to the test by applying these skills to the problems the clients face in each case study. This course is the final prerequisite for the Health Board Course.


Step 3. Health Board Course

Finally, our 8-session Health Board Course covers every requirement outlined by the National Health Board. In this program, you will focus on holistic well-being, covering everything from healthy eating to chronic disease management. The goal of this program is to prepare you for clients who may have a wide variety of coaching needs, and your knowledge in these topics will be essential to their success. Additionally, this course will prepare you to take and pass the Health Board Exam. 

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Jose Munoz Headshot

I found Coach Training EDU, that’s really where it all changed for me on how to create space, and how to ask powerful questions, and they really changed my perspective on how to engage individuals.

Jose Munoz/Wellness Coach

All Three Steps Above Offer the Following:

  • Specific tools for coaching around health and wellness success.

  • Opportunities to practice these skills and tools through coaching your classmates and being coached by your classmates.

  • Tips and tricks for building a successful coaching business.

After you complete Week 7 of the 1.0 program, we recommend you begin your Wellness Self Study. Then, after you complete the 1.0 program and your self study, you can complete your Health Board Course, getting you to Health Board Certification in as little as 8 months!


Opportunities After the Board Certification

After successfully completing this training, you are eligible to take the national exam for health and wellness board certification

Opportunities After Becoming a Board Certified Health Coach

More Options for Your Many Clients

This certification from a NBHWC accredited program means that select insurance carriers will reimburse your clients for your services.

Opportunities After Becoming a Board Certified Health Coach Establish Your Own Business Options

Establish Your Own Business Options

Once you’re certified, you’re more than prepared to kick off your personal health and wellness coach training practice or join a corporate environment.

Opportunities After Becoming a Board Certified Health Coach Get Creative in How You Impact the World

Get Creative in How You Impact the World

You may even discover one of the many other creative ways to implement your training in order to make the world a better place.

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Maria Sofia Palmieri Head Shot

I enrolled in CTEDU Coach Training and it really fueled me. It gave me fire in my belly. I’ve met such amazing trainers and a beautiful staff that really supported my journey.

Maria Sofia Palmieri/Wellness Coach

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Now More Than Ever

It has never been more important to live a lifestyle that promotes healthy living for a better life. And people are demanding it.

The Pandemic & Employee Relationships

The pandemic forced people to take a hard look at their lives and decide how and what they wanted to prioritize, and health is at the top of their list. According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans are leaving their jobs in record numbers, many citing the lack of care shown by their employers or shifting priorities in their work. This is forcing an evolution in company culture, and many managers are seeking solutions to help create a heartier work/life balance for their employees. As managers and employees alike seek to reprioritize their approach to life and work, wellness coaches become a priceless resource.

How You Can Help Change The World

Our Wellness coaches are trained with these cultural changes in mind. Our accredited coach training programs and other certifications offers a robust curriculum that rests on the foundation of positive psychology research. During this program, you will learn specific exercises destined to target areas of well-being, such as exercise, sleep, and stress. These skills will help your client create sustainable and healthy habits. In addition, CTEDU is Health Board Certified! With our Wellness Life Coaching Program, you can take our Health & Wellness Coaching course to receive your Health Board Certification. This means you’d have the educational requirements to hold both an ICF and an NBHWC (National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching) certification.

History of Health Board Certification

Health and wellness coaching has been around for decades, but as with many other coaching niches, it’s been largely unregulated.



A group of health and wellness coaches, medical doctors, and industry thought leaders envisioned a more robust certification process to bolster wellness coaching credibility in the medical sector.



The National Consortium for Credentialing of Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) worked to discover what it would mean to define what a certified health and wellness coach would look like.



In 2016, the NCCHWC partnered with the National Board for Medical Examiners (NBME) to develop a board certification examination to make this vision a reality. Now health and wellness coaches are able to become health board certified, which is an incredible leap for the industry and an exciting new endeavor.



The opportunity to expand the definition of wellness, as well as those who can be identified as medical professionals, creates a great opportunity to expand the reach of preventative care. there is a category III CPT code for health and wellness coaching, enabling certain insurance companies to provide reimbursement for coaching sessions. This is great news for many potential coaching clients who don’t have access to coaching due to finances. The Category III Health and Well-Being Coaching Codes include:

  • 0591T Health and Well-Being Coaching face-to-face; individual, initial assessment
  • 0592T individual, follow-up session, at least 30 minutes
  • 0593T group (two or more individuals), at least 30 minutes

In the first five years, the NBHWC has certified over 5,000 coaches. These coaches work in healthcare settings, educational settings, academic settings, and on their own in private practice.

 Benefits of Earning Your Coach Certification Life Coach Certification Illustration

The Proof is in Your Performance

More than 75% of coach training graduates report earning training related income within two months of completing course work.

Let’s Continue the Conversation

Whether you’re new to coaching or already have some coach training, Coach Training EDU’s programs will both challenge and equip you to build the business and career you’re yearning to create.

Participants all over the world rave about the transformative experience both in diving deep into weekly readings and recordings as well as forging friendships with fellow coaches.

If you're passionate about bringing more curiosity, empathy, and personal growth into the world, you're in the right place. We’d love to continue the conversation.

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