Coach Training EDU’s Learning Philosophy

Coach Training EDU features a Growth Mindset and a Learning to Mastery Model of learning.

This learning philosophy allows students the opportunity to continue to make progress until the necessary standard is reached. Assessment is views as feedback for improvement, rather than a judgement of suitability or talent.

Four Factors in our Learning Philosophy 

Within Coach Training EDU’s learning philosophy, the four factors at play that make the biggest difference in your learning experience are:

  1.   The Depth of the Trust and Quality of the Bond that Develops between a Trainer and a Coach-in-Training. Each trainer at Coach Training EDU has been through a 1.0 course, a 2.0 course, Group Mentor Coaching, and a Train the Trainer program. The bond that develops between a trainer and a class is powerful, and mindfully developing a strong student-learner relationship.
  2.  Clear Instruction and Expectations. As a student, you will receive a custom written coach’s guide that matches the 24 training sessions with the 24-week curriculum. Student-centered and hands-on learning form the core of our curriculum design.
  3.   Actionable and Usable Feedback. The assessment opportunities outlined below are designed to create insights and clarity on the specific steps you can take and skills you can develop to become a more effective coach. The assessments are spaced throughout the course to give you an accurate idea of how you are progressing and what standards you still need to meet.
  4.   Being a Proactive Student. The final factor, and perhaps the factor that plays the largest role, is the degree to which you as a student lean into the course and actively go after the skills and knowledge you most want to learn. The course is designed to be hands on, to give you plenty of opportunities to ask your classmates and trainers for feedback or to ask pressing questions. The more you actively seek out questions to ask and push yourself to grapple with the concepts, the more you will get out of the course.

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