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“As a continuous learner who desires to unleash self-awareness in myself and others, Coach Training Edu provides a great framework to lead individuals and teams towards their purpose and success!”

Aurora Geis/ Executive Strategy and Performance Coach, San Antonio, TX

Relationship Coaching Certification and Training


Relationship coaches find a passion in coming alongside others as they seek to improve their relationships. These professionals focus on how the lives of their clients intersect with others, and how to enhance those relationships. Their work is fundamental to human society, as they help people create healthier workplaces, stronger families, and a deeper sense of personal wellness.

Experience Online Coaching Certification and Training Refined by Over a Decade of Experience

Since 2009 CTEDU has trained thousands of coaches and helped them earn certified life coach credentials from New York to Dubai in over fifty countries. A few of the organizations that have worked with CTEDU:

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What is a Relationship Coach?

Relationship coaches are professionals who partner with individuals, pairs, or groups to help them obtain better relational skills.

What are the different types of relationship coaches?

There are as many different relationship coaching niches as there are types of relationships including co-dependency, recovery, marriage, pre-engagement, prosperity, dating, relationship repair, spiritual, spouse and partner, and parent and child. Basically, you can mold your training to meet the needs of any type of personal and/or professional relationship you can imagine.

Just about every coach will likely work with a client who experiences relationship struggles, despite their niche. Understanding the basics of relationship management is crucial as coaches seek to help their clients reach a state of flourishing.

A person may seek out a relationship coach if they:

  • Are looking to improve a relationship with a colleague
  • Want to build stronger communication skills with their spouse or partner
  • Are seeking to rebuild a relationship with a family or friend after a fallout
  • Are seeking a romantic partner and want a healthy beginning to their partnership
  • Are trying to develop a new relationship with their adolescent or young adult child
  • Would like to improve their sex life
  • Have recently changed family dynamics such as an adoption or blended family
  • Have recently experienced or are contemplating a divorce
  • Have trouble making friends or are wanting to make new ones
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CTEDU Relationship Life Coach Certification

The Relationship Coaching Course is a 16-session training that offers hands-on strategies for coaches to gain foundational knowledge to help their clients work through any relationship challenges. This course examines issues faced in all types of relationships, from setting expectations and boundaries to establishing strong communication.

Jantell Walker-Watkins

Relationship coaching is about supporting the client to create healthy, happy, communicative, authentic and honest relationships in the hope that these relationships will increase their quality of life and well being.

Jantell Walker-Watkins/CTEDU Trainer and Relationship Coach

The Relationship Coach Training Experience

Throughout your online coach training, you will:

  • Learn how to work with various relationship types
  • Learn how to build stronger relationships in your own life
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage a better understanding of other humans
  • Help clients develop better communication skills
  • Help clients better understand and express emotions and their inner world
  • Have opportunities to practice these skills and tools through coaching your classmates and being coached by your classmates
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What to Expect in the ICF Accredited Relationship Coach Training Course

The class will meet once a week for two hours at your designated class time. Each class is broken into three main parts to help you meet the relationship life coaching certification requirements:



The first third of class includes an open discussion on that week’s relationship topic. Your trainer will answer questions and provide additional insight.

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Case Study/Practice

This training will alternate between practice time and case studies, where you will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge to real-world scenarios.

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Knowledge Check

Each class will conclude with a review of the material and a brief knowledge check-in to help coaches determine where they may need more practice.

How to Become a Relationship Coach

The Relationship Coach Certification Requirements

Coach-Client Overviews

Coaches are required to submit three coaching recordings to their Coach Mentor for feedback and review. You must earn a score of "meets standards" or higher on one of the overviews to complete the course. You can find an Overview Guide and a Coach Overview Rubric in the Coach Portal.

Course Attendance

Coaches must attend 14 of the 16 scheduled training sessions (which does not include the Orientation session). Guidelines for attendance are outlined in the course syllabus.

Coaching Log

Part of your training experience will include finding and working through at least 5 coaching sessions with at least one relationship-based pair. For purposes of your training, a practice client is defined as a person(s) with whom you provide coaching services for no payment. Your practice client may not be a family member or close friend.

The Proof is in Your Performance

More than 75% of coach training graduates report earning training related income within two months of completing course work.

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How Can I Use My Certified Relationship Coach Training to Build a Coaching Business?


Saturate Yourself with Education

Read all the books, listen to all the audiobooks, read all the blogs, watch all the YouTube videos, listen to all the podcasts — whatever your preferred learning method, do it all the time! Find yourself in the world of relationships. Learn, write, and chat with friends and colleagues about what you’re learning.


Choose a Coaching Niche

The more specialized your practice, the more likely you are to attract the clients who are looking for you. Focus on the specific problem you have a passion for helping others solve. For example: I help career-minded individuals create strong romantic partnerships. I help recently divorced women re-frame relationships. I help professionals develop healthy boundaries with their boss and colleagues.


Create a Coaching Business Plan

Once you’ve determined your niche (and it’s ok for that niche to change as you grow and develop as a coach), put together a business plan to lay out your business strategy. How will you primarily reach your audience? What are your strengths? How will you get the word out? How will you engage your audience?


Coaching Practice. Practice. Practice!

Early on in your career, try to find as many practice clients as possible. This is an amazing and fun way to grow personally, get to know your potential paying clients, and network, network, network! Entering someone’s life as a coach is a sacred and beautiful thing, and the absolute best way to hone these skills is to create a regular practice.

Next Steps

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