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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The founders and contributors at Coach Training EDU believe all people deserve to be treated with dignity and are entitled to respect, access to education, and the opportunity to flourish. All races, genders, abilities, ages, religions, sexual orientations, national origins, ethnicities, gender identities, and other identities are welcomed and celebrated here. We believe in proactive, inclusive policies that protect and value diversity. We embrace anti-bias, anti-racist education and believe in accessibility to life coaching and life coach training for all.

Fostering and celebrating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive global community is at the heart of our mission and values. It is our intention to:

  • Actively honor this statement in every function and facet of our organization, training program, materials, and community.
  • Ensure voices from all diverse backgrounds, perspectives, unique experiences, and circumstances are valued, heard, and viewed as a strength, benefit, and resource.
  • Introduce materials and activities that are inclusive and respectful of all backgrounds and experiences.
  • Serve and support all coaches by meeting unique learning needs.
  • Acknowledge all requests by making every effort to adapt, incorporate, and include modes of accessibility.

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