About Coach Training EDU

CTEDU provides the highest quality, distance life coach education and training programs to a thriving global community.

We revolutionize education, wellness, and executive leadership by leveraging core coaching concepts and technology to promote human flourishing.

Our Story

Coach Training EDU and the field of Academic Life Coaching was founded in 2009 upon the vision of revolutionizing education through life coaching. Founders, John and Amois met in college at Brown University in 1999 and dove into life coaching soon after graduation.

Drawn to the foundation of positive and sports psychology applied to life and human flourishing, Amois started her journey in life coaching and leadership training in 2004 with the CoActive Training Institute (formerly the Coaches Training Institute) and soon after launched her private life coaching practice focusing on women, motherhood and wellness.

John quickly followed suit, attaining his life coaching certification as well in 2005. He kept daydreaming about the impact coaching could have on education, and often recalls the moment after a training session, thinking “what if every student had the experience of working with a life coach?”

John gained valuable first hand experience as a Latin teacher, working with aspiring college bound students for seven years, before he made the leap to full time Academic Life Coaching in 2008, working exclusively with students. It was not long after when others began to approach him from all around the world to train them to work as academic life coaches for high school students as well. Thus was the beginning of CTEDU, born in the spring of 2009.

From the beginning John and Amois were determined to pursue careers with purpose and make their life work about serving others and improving lives. The blossoming field of life coaching was a natural and perfect fit. It is their vision that all people are given the opportunity to maximize the gifts, talents, strengths and resources to do the most they can for others and the world around them; in essence, to flourish and do their life’s work, making the world a better place for others.

This is a community in which individuals are trained in powerful life coaching skillsets, founded upon neuroscience and positive psychology. A community that continuously builds one another up, supporting each other as coaches, teachers, and activists, and experiencing the ripple effect on the worlds around them

We believe that this is the optimal route to human flourishing, and we’re constantly perfecting our life coach training model to fit the needs of curious, ambitious minds and lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.

Meet the team


Amois Williams, CEO & Co-founder | Oregon, U.S.

Amois empowers the CTEDU Leadership team to be their best, capitalize on their strengths and make sure they feel inspired at work everyday. She’s the “big picture” person. Along with supporting the marketing strategy, she makes sure the team has the tools they need to do their best work.


John Andrew Williams, President & Co-founder | Oregon, U.S.

John Andrew Williams taught high school Latin for six years after graduating from Brown University with a degree in Classics. He earned his coaching certificate in 2005 and started working with high school and college students, launching his company Academic Life Coaching in 2005. He’s an author of 5 books, a former writer for Newsweek’s Education blog, and speaker at coaching and education conferences from New York to Dubai.


Ashley Scott, Associate Provost | Missouri, U.S.

An avid hiker and overall one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet, Ashley has probably spoken to everyone that has been through the training program. From conducting interviews, to checking in with you throughout the training process, you can always count on Ashley to make you feel welcomed.


Andrew Dormus, Dean of Education| Michigan, U.S.

Andrew has years of experience working with students helping them realize their strengths to become leaders. At CTEDU, he trains, advises people through the enrollment process and makes supporting you throughout your life coaching journey. His enthusiasm and contagious laughter are just a couple of the reasons why you’ll never forget him.


JP Urzua Torres, Director of Technology & Innovation | Santiago, Chile

JP is the driving force behind the technical savvy that makes CTEDU work. He has a long history of working in tech and is currently in the process of earning his Executive and Wellness Life Coach certifications.


Britt Fulmer, Director of Curriculum and Content | Pennsylvania, U.S.

Britt is an experienced writing coach with an ACC through the ICF. Her passion for writing inspired her to start her own coaching practice aimed at helping young writers and aspiring authors find their voice and share their stories with the world. With a Master's Degree in Education and years of experience working in positive psychology, Britt thrives on finding creative ways to blend the two in her coaching practice.


Jayme Budge, Trainer | U.S.

After experiencing first hand the personal and professional growth that comes from coaching, Jayme knew she had found her passion. With a background in the corporate world, she saw a need to focus on the individual as a whole person, rather than just an employee. Her continual focus is helping her family, students and clients to live their life captivated with purpose through connection and meaningful experiences. Jayme joined the CTEDU training team in the fall of 2019 after graduating from the 1.0 Executive Life Coach Training and 2.0 Advanced Life Coach Training programs.


Islam Kafi, Trainer | Saudi Arabia

Islam is an experienced Academic Life Coach, certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and holds a PCC from the ICF. Her background in communications and teaching have allowed her to enjoy the transition into her current role as a Coach and Trainer. She currently sitting on the board of her local ICF chapter as the Director of Communications as well as running her own coaching practice.


Teresa Gallis, Trainer | U.S.

Teresa is a Professional Certified Coach who helps busy women recharge while exceeding their goals in the midst of uncertainty. She has a Masters in Teaching, a background in nontraditional education, and certifications in Academic Life Coaching and Wellness Life Coaching, along with over 2800 hours of experience, most of which has been coaching busy women (ranging from high-school and university students to parents) who were earning a degree while working.


Jen Torres, Trainer | Canada

Jen is an experienced Academic Life Coach and holds an ACC from the ICF. After turning her favorite hobby into a baby-friendly job, Jennifer found herself advising others on how to launch a new business and ways to find a better work-life balance. As transition, risk, and re-defining goals became familiar territory, Jen discovered a knack for helping others navigate those challenges.


Hannah Finrow, Trainer | U.S.

Hannah holds her Master Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Federation. In addition to training and accessing coaches with CTEDU, Hannah maintains a small circle of private coaching and mentoring clients.


Lindsay Helm, Trainer | U.S.

Lindsay is the founder of Forward Effects Coaching and specializes in coaching athletes and individuals overcoming serious injuries. She is passionate about helping others pursue their unknowable potential, especially those facing formidable odds. A former professional counselor, she switched to coaching after discovering its undeniable effectiveness in helping clients grow.


Alejandra Ascenzo, Trainer | Mexico

Alejandra has years of experience in the corporate world and decided to become an Executive Life Coach to advance her skillset as a professional. She fell in love with Coaching and joined CTEDU as a trainer in 2020.


Brittany MacDonald, Trainer | Colorado, U.S.

Brittany holds an MCC, and certifications in Risk Avoidance, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Leadership. She is also the COO of AGL, an organization dedicated to empowering employees to wake up every day and love their work, their team, their boss, and their life. Through seminar and classroom teaching, speaking engagements, developing course content and programs, one-on-one conversations, and coach training, she thrives on uncovering hidden talents and potential in young professionals.


Raj Anderson, Trainer | U.K.

Raj Anderson is a Strategy coach and a leadership expert specializing in intentional living and emotional fitness. With over 18 years experience in people centered services her diverse experience stems across working with charities, non profit, entrepreneurs, local government, healthcare, financial services and corporate businesses. She has a robust background in leadership, organizational culture and people development, supporting mid to senior leaders, physicians, consultants and C-level executives.


Sonia Bhandari, Trainer | Nairobi, Kenya

Sonia is a Certified Wellness Life Coach, Positive Psychology Coach and an NLP Practitioner in training. She recently founded the company Strength, Resilience & Balance (SRB) Ltd. through which she designs and facilitates Personal Safety, Coaching and Empowerment programs for Women and Teenage girls. She is passionate about working with women and young adults to tap into their inner power, acknowledge their self-value,  let go of self-limiting beliefs and shift to a positive mindset essentially allowing them to live a more joyful life. Sonia lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her family and provides all the above both locally and internationally by arrangement.