Coach Training EDU revolutionizes education, wellness, and executive leadership by leveraging core coaching concepts and technology to promote human flourishing. CTEDU provides high quality, distance education coach training programs to a global community.



The Coach Training EDU Vision is to manifest the world in which every human being feels they are maximizing all the gifts, talents, and resources they’ve been given to do the most they can for the world.

This is a society in which individuals are constantly building each other up and supporting each other as family, teachers, and activists.

We believe that this is the optimal route to human flourishing, and we’re constantly perfecting our life coach training model to fit the needs of curious, ambitious minds and lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.



Over 70% of our graduates
make coach related income.

meet the trainers

Experience why participants RAVE about our trainers.Our trainers go through a rigorous process of training and selection.

They are chosen in-house and each of them completed a CTE 1.0 and 2.0 course.

Interested in becoming a trainer? Connect with our team.

meet the founders

From college sweethearts to successful entrepreneurs, John and Amois Williams started Coach Training EDU with a belief that love, scholarship, and a whole lot of hard work can change the world.



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