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Got questions?

Find the answers to the questions most often asked by those interested in life coaching or pursuing an education in coaching.

Life Coaching and Coach Training and Certification Facts

What is life coaching?

What is the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

What is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)?

Do I need a certification to become a life coach?

Can I make a living as a coach?

Coaching Q&A

You’ll find literally hundreds of questions here to help you better understand various coaching concepts, explore ideas and suggestions, find inspiration and a wealth of knowledge to supplement your coach training arsenal, or to help you grow your coaching business for years to come.  Get all your coaching questions answered in the following videos.

Speak with an advisor

What if clients require some consulting? How do you blend coaching into the session?

How do you separate your personal identity/value from the things outside yourself such as your job or a project?

How Do You Manage A Talkative Client?

What would you say is the most important part of a coaching session?

How Do You Get Comfortable Charging For Your Coaching Services?

What should someone look for when selecting a coach?

What are the powerful questions?

How do you make sure that giving a nudge isn't trying to solve their problem?

What Do You Do With An Over Confident Coach?

How do you address clients that don't follow through across multiple sessions?

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

How Can I Set Myself Apart As A Coach?

What can you tell us about the new National Health Board Certification?

What has coaching taught me about people in general?

How do I utilize Hope Theory in my own coaching practice?

What pitfalls surprised you in starting your coaching practice?

What are some tips for cultivating a healthy mindset?

How would you help a new coach dealing with feelings of imposter syndrome?

How do you handle clients who are being hard on themselves?

What are your thoughts about a client setting resolutions in a coaching session?

What are the benefits of coaching to build successful leaders?

What are some tips to achieving flow?

Can academic coaching help my students deal with the difficult social aspects?

What's your favorite part of Positive Psychology?

What's the Positive Psychology concept you find yourself using most in your life?

What advice would you give to coaches who will go through the advanced program?

What do you hope coaches get out of this updated version of the course?

How did you grow your coaching business from start to a steady stream of clients?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a coaching business?

What is the opposite voice to the inner critic?

Can you offer some strategies to stop rumination?

What would you say are the dos and don’ts of setting up a home office for coaching? Get the Answer

How do you deal with clients having difficulty within the coaching process?

How do you manage clients lacking self awareness?

What does ‘breaking the bias’ mean in coaching?

What’s the difference for you in coaching men versus women?

How does coaching differ from counseling or therapy?

How do you go deep with someone who is resistant or not used to looking deep within?

I’m 16 and want to become a coach Are there any age restrictions?

The single greatest point of failure or mistake that new coaches make in business?

What does it mean to live more authentically and how do I know what it means to me?

What is one coaching perspective one could apply to their lives this week?

What do you think causes this feeling of being stuck, and how do we overcome that?

What tips do you have for maintaining relationships through controversial times?

What are things I can do to make my next coaching session more impactful?

What does a “coaching movement” mean to you?

What about the levels of listening can I implement immediately?

Any words of wisdom for holding space with all that is going on in the world?

How do you manage when a client says something disagreeable or morally incongruent with your beliefs in a coaching session?

What tips do you have for networking with other coaches?

What is the difference between solitude and loneliness?

What are some of the benefits of coaching?

How would you describe coaching's impact on a person's ability to be self aware?

What do you feel is important for clients in building resilience?

How do you manage distractions or disruptions during a coaching session?

What advice do you have for new coaches dealing with discomfort?

What advice you would give when starting to build a coaching business?

How can we change our morning inner narrative to set us up for a successful day?

What are some factors that impact coaching salaries?

I hear coaches use the word agency a lot. What exactly is agency?

Recommendations for coaches wanting to better understand Agency and Hope Theory?

Why would someone become an executive coach?

What are the benefits of hiring an executive coach?

Should clients see life coaching as a long-term investment?

What is the differentiator between holding good coaching space, listening & therapy?

How do you think coaching can support wellness?

What are Coaching Pods (the CTEDU Coaching Pod Program)?

What is the CTEDU Practice Client List?

As a student coach how can I get feedback before submitting my coaching overviews?

Tips for developing a mission & vision to attract the clients I want to work with?

I’m a pessimist. How can I change my outlook?

What are some coach Zoom etiquette tips to keep in mind?

What are some tips for finding your first executive coaching clients?

How can new coaches best deal with rejection when seeking new clients?

What recommendations do you have for life-long learners in the coaching industry?

What are some ways the fear of success masks itself?

Can you tell us about the CTEDU Practice Client Directory?

Do coaches need some type of professional liability insurance?

My life is far from perfect. Can I still become a life coach?

Can life coaching help me become a better parent?

Should coaches pay more attention to their client’s learning styles?

How does a coach lead a client through the future-self coaching tool?

How does one begin to develop a healthy money mindset?

How is Academic Life Coaching being brought into the University setting and describe the difference between advising and coaching?

In the University setting, can you marry advising and coaching and if so, how do you make that work?

What is a writing coach and what do writing coaches do?

What is relationship coaching and what do relationship coaches do?

My coaching style has been described as “prickly”.  The Goggle definition does not bode well. Can you tell me what that means?

What are some recommended self-care practices for busy people?

What are some of the most creative coaching niches you’ve heard of? 

What advice do you have for coaches when they feel overwhelmed?

What was your biggest coaching fail, and how did that impact you as a coach?

What should someone look for when selecting a coach?

How do you describe life coaching?

What would you share with new coaches afraid to sell the value of coaching?

What is the International Coaching Federation?

What themes have been coming up around coaching this week?

What is the value of getting certified as a life coach?

Is it possible to make a living as a coach?

How do you choose a coaching niche?

Why is niche selection important?

What are some of your favorite coaching books?

What is your favorite coaching tool?

What is the new Health Board Certified Wellness Coach certification?

What exactly is positive psychology?

If you could hand a new coach a perspective gift what would that look like?

How do you know the value you bring to the world?

What are some tips for cultivating a healthy mindset?

What are some things to consider when developing a coaching business plan?

What would say are the top 3 challenges new coaches face?

What can you share with us about “future self” ?

How do you get yourself and your coaching client back into coaching after a break?

What do you do if you run out of topics with a long term client?

What words of wisdom do you have for organizations who want to invest in coaching?

How does defining problems generate solutions?

Why is self awareness important in goal setting?

How does brainstorming maximize potential?

What are you most excited about in the new 2.0 Advanced Coach Training book?

What is the importance of including the research in the textbooks?

What is your process for determining what topics you want to include in the book?

How do I move my Health and Wellness business into an organizational setting?

Any suggestions for helping both me and my clients to deal with pandemic anxiety?

What inspired the CTEDU Business Builder Course, and what are some of its benefits?

How do you see life coaching evolving in the metaverse?

Past events consume my thoughts. Any tips for living in the present?

As a new coach building a business on social media, what should or shouldn’t I do?

How do you use to deal with clients that frequently respond with "I don't know."?

How do clients change or adjust after having direct communications with them?

How do you manage your own desire to be an expert or "fix it" for a client?

What would you say to someone trying to reach their dream goal despite naysayers?

How do you manage client readiness?

How much of yourself can you bring into your coaching session?

How does the giving versus getting mindset affect coaches going into a session?

Can you offer some tips for clients dealing with anger issues?

Can coach training also help me through my own transformation?

How do I help my client solve a problem if I'm not focused on the problem?

Why pursue a life coaching career?

Can aromatherapy play a part in coaching sessions?

How can I recognize if coaching is my calling?

What is the most powerful question you’ve ever been asked?

What are the levels of listening?

What are some tools for habit change?

How do you think coaching can challenge the issues facing society?

How do you set yourself up to attract the right clients for your business?

What needs to happen internally to get yourself ready for your "ideal clients"?

How can coaching help my perfectionism?

How would you describe coaching's impact on a person's ability to be self aware?

How have you seen confidence building happen by coaching?

How do you handle it when you realize the coaching tool you are using isn't working?

What does “Wired to Create” mean to you?

How has the entrepreneurial mindset guided your coaching practice growth?

What are some challenges you’ve overcome in developing your entrepreneurial mindset?

Advice for new coaches who struggle with structure or strict coaching processes?

What are some tips to add value and profit to a coaching business?

What is the difference between client agenda and client agency?

How do you think executive coaching skills helps in the interview process?

Why do you think executive coaching has become so widely accepted?

What is your perspective on the notion of, “Who you are is how you coach.”?

How would you suggest a new coach prepare for their first coaching session?

When you think about wellness what does that mean to you?

What coaching tools would you recommend for accessing the topic of wellness?

What are CTEDU Power Hours and how are they different from Coaching Pods?

For students, what are some tips for asking people to be your practice client?

As a student coach how can I get feedback before submitting my coaching overviews?

How does hope impact our lives? (a Hope Theory discussion)

What do you do when a client lacks self-awareness?

I only want to do in-person coaching. How can I best grow my business locally?

How can new coaches best deal with rejection when seeking new clients?

What is reframing and how do I use it in a coaching session?

What other learning or subjects can help coaches in their journey?

What is resilience intelligence and how does it apply to coaching?

I am considering hiring a life coach. How do I decide what things to focus on?

Is there a difference between a relationship coach and a team coach?

What are some suggestions for fitting life coach training into my busy life?

Can I still become an academic coach with no experience in education?

What do you do about or with a stubborn client?

What do you need in terms of qualifications to be a life coach? 

What would you say are some of the first steps in manifesting the life that you want?

What are some tools that coaches can use with clients in the January?

What is a good way to get motivated after the holidays?

What’s your thoughts on creating a “word of the year”?

Do you have any tips for helping impatient clients manage their expectations?

Do you have any tips for having difficult conversations with clients regarding accountability?

What are some self-awareness questions to ask clients to help them identify blind spots?

Why is it important to celebrate our successes?

What are your thoughts on people who are hard on themselves, and instead of celebrating their accomplishments, they are focused on the next goal? (Discussion on separating worth from accomplishments.)

In discussing worth and accomplishments, how does that align to “being” and “doing” that we teach coaches?

What is compassion fatigue, and how does it affect coaches?

I am a new coach wanting to increase my credibility as a coach. What suggestions do have and how does branding and authenticity impact that credibility?

“Personal Growth & Development,” the “Need for Autonomy,” and the “Desire for Career Change” are considered three key customer activities that will be important this 2023. How can I leverage this knowledge in building my coaching business?

I’m a new coach. I want to start doing speaking gigs. Where do I start?

Do coaching strategies differ by generation?

What does self-love mean and how does it apply to coaching?

My client seems incapable of saying no. How can I help them give themselves permission to say no?

Are there steps that I can take to discover my own truest highest expression?

How do I find the value in who I am without tying my worth to my job and what I do?

I’m an Executive Coach and it’s clear that my CEO client lacks the self-awareness to recognize his leadership deficiencies are an obstacle to his company’s growth. How do I help him get out of his own way?

I’m an in-house executive coach. The manager of a department is unable to stop her micromanaging tendencies and trust her employees to do their jobs. Turnover is high, staff are stressed, withdrawn and overworked.

Why does purposeful coaching matter for women?

What are some of the themes that are particular to coaching women?

What habits should coaches be looking to cultivate?

What common distractions get in the way for people (in achieving their goals)?

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