1 0 Executive Coach Training

1.0 Executive Coach Training
Course Description
The 1.0 Executive Coach Training course is a 24-session training course that covers foundational coaching skills, as
well as tools and skills specific for coaching people for success. The program is designed for coaches who are new to
coaching and who want to work with a variety of clients or with clients in the business/executive world.
Throughout your training, you will learn:
● Foundational coaching skills.
● Specific tools and skills for coaching around personal and professional success.
● Tips and tricks for building a successful coaching business.

For leaders, executives, and young professionals yearning to use coaching concepts and tools to equip professionals with leadership and team efficiency skills.

Orientation + 25 Training Sessions – Live 2 Hours Per Week
Prerequisite: None
Class Size: Capped at 12
Requirements: Strong Internet Connection for Zoom
Books needed: 1.0 Executive Coach Training Guide (included in tuition)

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3 Aspects of the 1.0 Coach Training Courses

Core ICF Coaching Skills
7 Essential Coach Qualities
ICF Accredited Skills Map to ICF’s Core Competencies

Field Specific Tools
Shared vision
Team Building
Company Culture

Practical Context
Best practices for implementing coaching skills within an organization.
Navigating the employer-client-coach triangle

Step 01
Request an Info Packet. And in the meantime, you can check out the FAQs, the Tuition & Pricing page, and the Schedule page.
Step 02
Speak to an Advisor. Get all your questions answered. Here’s the 3 Essential Considerations when choosing a coaching school to use as a guide.
Step 03
Attend a FREE Sample Training Class. A coaching program is an investment in time, money, and energy. This course is designed to give you a firsthand experience of what training with CTEDU is like.