Is Life Coaching a Good Career Fit for Me?

The number one question we get from those considering coaching is, “how do I know that life coaching is the right for me?” Life coaches come from all walks of life, with vastly different experiences and skillsets so what are the determining factors? It really comes down to three abilities that are part of the seven essential coaching qualities: the ability to listen deeply, the ability to empathize, and the ability to tap into curiosity.

Listen Deeply
When we listen deeply to another person, we are able to imagine what it must be like to live life through their perspective. We set aside our own assumptions, experiences, and perspectives to empower the other person to tap into their own fix-it instinct. They are then able to solve their own problems rather than looking to others for answers.

Ability to Empathize
Add to this deep level of listening, the ability to empathize with the experience of others and you find yourself in a space where you can truly understand the other person, not because you’ve had similar experiences, but because you’re able to see the world through their eyes. This allows the other person to fully step into the conversation without worry of judgement or shame, which ultimately creates a space for safe exploration of themselves.

Ability to Tap into Curiosity
When we tap into curiosity for the sake of the other person, this is where the real magic happens. We ask ourselves, what is most fascinating about what the other person is sharing from their perspective? This partnership of exploration puts the other person in the driver’s seat of the journey and positions them as the expert on themselves.

The combination of deep listening, empathy, and curiosity creates a space for powerful insights and opportunities for learning and growth. If you find yourself to be a deep listener, an empath with others, and hold a deep level of curiosity about those around you, coaching would be a great fit for you. Apart from that if you have the desire to tap into the skills, they can be developed in a life coach training program. Want to learn more about what it takes to be a life coach? Visit our reviews page to hear about the CTEDU community’s journey to life coaching.

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