Coach Client Overview Guide

What is a Coach Client Overview?

A Coach Client Overview is an hour-long one-on-one meeting, usually via Zoom, with an assessor who gives you feedback and scores your call according to specific criteria. Part of your training as a coach–and course completion requirements–include recording yourself working with a practice client and reviewing that recording with an assessor. The review session with the assessor is the official coach-client overview, usually shortened to “overview.”

To complete the course, you will need three coach-client overviews with your assigned assessor.

The first overview is designed to look at only a few necessary elements of an outstanding coaching session, and focuses on agenda setting using the TIME acronym. It is graded only on completion. You and your assessor have an opportunity to evaluate your overview with individual scores; however, the assessment is not comprehensive and does not assess the entire coaching skill set, so a total score is not evaluated for completion. It is designed to give you an idea of how well you are developing your coaching skills, as well as useful feedback to improve your coaching.

The second and third Comprehensive Overviews are your opportunity to earn a passing score and look at CTEDU’s complete coaching standards that also meet the requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Why are Overviews Important?

Overviews are designed to give you an idea of how well you are developing your coaching skills, as well as ​useful feedback to improve your coaching​.

Overviews also count toward the coach mentor hours required for an ICF credential. The ICF requires that each overview is at least one hour in duration.

How do Overviews Work?

During your overview, you and your assessor will listen to your coaching session and record feedback on a shared Google Sheet stored in your class folder. The first overview is designed to introduce you to the process and doesn’t look at the complete coaching standards.

What Score Do I Need?

Coach Training EDU takes a growth mindset approach in our courses and education philosophy. The scoring system is designed to deemphasize the usual judgment, and instead focuses on useful feedback you can use to improve your coaching, while also ensuring that you meet the standards required for certification by Coach Training EDU.

Each overview is scored on a ten-point scale, but the first overview is slightly different. It is designed to be an introduction to the overview process. In alignment with our education philosophy, the first overview does not receive an overall, aggregate score. By not receiving an average score, your focus is encouraged to be on gathering as much useful feedback as possible to be prepared for the following overviews.

In the first overview, each individual element, such as each of the four components of the TIME acronym for setting a session agenda, is scored, but you will not receive a total score for the Establish the Coaching Session section.

Only the 2nd and 3rd overviews receive overall scores that count toward your earning a passing score for the course.

To pass a 1.0 class, you need to complete all three overviews and earn a “Meets Standard | Associate Level” in each of the standards in ​either​ overview two or three. (For 2.0 Coach Training, you need an “Exceeds Standard | Professional Level” in each area.)

If you earn a passing score in the second overview, you are still required to complete the third overview. However, the score of the third overview is only for your information. You are encouraged to send in overviews which you feel represent your best coaching.

You may complete a fourth overview at no charge if you have not yet met the necessary standard.

If a coach in training has not received a passing score on the fourth overview and is seeking certification through the program, they can request additional overviews for $75 an overview, as well as request a different assessor(s) for subsequent overviews.

* For more information on these guidelines, please refer to the student agreement.

The scoring rubric is as follows:

Not Yet​:​ ​You need more work in this area and have not yet reached the standard. It may be helpful to review previous chapters and coaching demonstrations. You most likely can hear the coaching opportunities to meet the standards in this area. It’s now a matter of recognizing the opportunity to demonstrate the standard while coaching. This score corresponds to a 6.9 or lower out of 10.

Meets Standard | Associate Level​: Yea! You’ve met the benchmark. You have successfully demonstrated the necessary coaching skills to meet the tough standards required. This score corresponds to a 7 to 7.9 out of 10, and the Associate Certified Coach credential of the ICF. You need this score to pass a 1.0 coach training course.

Exceeds Standard | Professional Level​: You’re meeting the standard with ease and there is a sense that you are confident in your coaching skills and comfortable in a coaching session. This score corresponds to an 8 to 8.9 out of 10, and the Professional Certified Coach credential of the ICF. You need this score to pass a 2.0 Coach Training course.

Mastered Standard | Master Level​: Coach Training EDU views mastery as learning and demonstrating the standard with so much ease and knowledge that you could teach it to others. This score corresponds to a 9 to 10 out of 10, and the Master Certified Coach credential of the ICF.

When are Overviews Due?

Overviews are due by Sessions 6, 12, and 18. ​You’ll find your assessor’s short bio as well as schedule link on your class page.

Once you have a satisfactory recording of a coaching session, book a time to meet one-on-one with your assessor, and review the guidelines below to prepare. ​You will need to send a recent recorded coaching session with timestamps and notes to your assessor two days before your scheduled overview.

If you have any questions about the process, or any other information present in this coach client overview guide, please email ​[email protected]​.

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