Trainer Highlight: Teresa Gallis

December 22, 2020 by Coach Training EDU

Trainer Highlight: Teresa Gallis

Teresa Gallis, CTEDU Trainer and PCC, is passionate about supporting busy women to recharge while exceeding their goals in the midst of uncertainty. Get to know her!

Q: If you could give Mondays a mantra, what would it be?

Teresa: If I could give Mondays a mantra, it would be “Untapped Potential.” When I’m on the brink of a new week, I’m excited to unveil what surprising epiphanies and experiences crouch in the shadows of the next days.

Q: What is your core motivation style? How does this impact your work?

Teresa: My core motivation is “2. Helper”, which means that I’m always trying to lighten the burdens of others. This year, I’ve discovered the importance of also reserving time for me to recharge, since I don’t exhibit the relaxed generosity I aim for when I’m exhausted or burned out.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a life coach?

Teresa: My favorite part of being a life coach is my client’s “Aha” moments, when they burst through their limiting beliefs and realize that they are capable of achieving far more than they had dreamed was possible.

Q: What are you most curious about when talking to new potential coaches?

Teresa: When I meet new potential coaches, I’m most curious about who they need to be in order to hold space for their clients to process and explore insights–without hogging the limelight with their own experience, advice, anecdotes. What do they need to set aside to remain in Level 2 listening, and to trust the process, trust their client, and trust themselves?

Q: What interests do you have outside of work?

Teresa: I love learning, so you will usually find me listening to podcasts while cooking or cleaning, reading during my toddler’s naps, and hiking with my husband as we hash out how to integrate our insights into our real life. Grammar humor (e.g. Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss) is my favorite. I’ve also recently started brushing off my rusty Russian language skills on Duolingo.

Q: What is a behind-the-scenes snapshot of your day or life? 

Teresa: Most of my day consists of playing with and cleaning up alongside my toddler.

Q: What motivates you each day?

Teresa: Every day, I aspire to be a haven of safety and encouragement for everyone whom I encounter.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a CTEDU Trainer?

Teresa: My favorite part of being a CTEDU trainer is meeting inspiring people all over the world.

Q: What is your favorite coaching tool and why?

Teresa: My favorite coaching tool is the “Future Self”, because reconnecting with our authentic self helps us realign our commitments with our values so we can live a fulfilled life. 

Q: If you could use three words to define your strengths, what would they be?

Teresa: Three words that define my strengths are “Empathetic”, because I deeply resonate with what my clients are feeling; “Creative”, because I think in whimsical metaphors; and “Championing”, because I cheer my clients toward stepping into their authentic selves.

If you have anymore questions for Teresa, let her know in the comments!

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