Confidently Navigating the Logistics of Coaching

June 27, 2021 by Ashley Scott

Confidently Navigating the Logistics of Coaching

Teresa Gallis, PCC and CTEDU Trainer, leads an amazing workshop on Confidently Navigating the Logistics of Coaching.

She custom-designed this workshop with the hard-working coach in mind, sharing her insights on the often perilous logistics of coaching. 

Teresa Gallis

This workshop is packed with strong insights and key recommendations to give your coaching practice a strong foundation.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Tap into your network to get started. People who know you and trust you are going to be the early adopters of your program and are most likely to help you spread the word!
  2. Identify your niche. The goal is to adopt a niche that allows people to easily see either themselves or a loved one going through your program. Saying that you’re a life coach is broad, and people will struggle to see how it applies to them or folks in their network. Say that you’re a self-care coach or a writing coach, however, and people will be able to easily identify someone in their life who needs your help. 
  3. Leverage workshops. The key here is to offer value to your prospective clients BEFORE they join your coaching program. Be specific about what they are getting out of your program and what their next steps will be. This will lead to more successful conversion rates!

These tips just scrape the surface! Throughout the workshop, she includes tips on contracts, pricing, scheduling, workshops, marketing, and more. 

You can find all of her tips and best practices in the recording of her workshop below, and you can find additional resources here. 

Confidently Navigating the Logistics of Coaching


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