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Workshop: Identifying the Inner Critic, with Tesha Crockett-Gibson

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm GMT

Do you ever hear a voice telling you that you are not good enough, too old, too young, not educated enough, or even an imposter? We all have an inner critic, which often aids us in our growth and development. However, if that inner critic is negative, it can make our achievements feel conditional and temporary. It can cause anxiety and stress, as well as undermine our self-esteem, and sabotage our goals.

Fortunately, there are strategies to help silence and combat that inner critic. In this session, Tesha provides tools and resources to help identify your “inner critic”, overcome unhealthy self-talk, and improve mental resilience to open yourself to new opportunities and stretch yourself beyond what you feel is possible.

Tesha is a performance and wellness life coach, a certified registered yoga instructor, and founder of Wellness After Dark. She has over 15 years of experience in Health Promotion, Positive Psychology, and Behavior Change, stemming across multiple fields including, non-profits, entrepreneurs, government, healthcare, and higher education."

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Workshop: Identifying the Inner Critic, with Tesha Crockett-Gibson

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