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Coaching to Flourish #100: 100th episode celebration and podcast pivot

February 04, 2024 by Coach Training EDU

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Raj Anderson and guest experts answer your coaching questions each week!

Join Raj Anderson and John Andrew Williams in this special 100th episode of the podcast! Reflecting on their growth journey, they share insights, lessons, and the importance of consistency in reaching this milestone. This also brings about an exciting new direction for the podcast: coaching demos with live feedback and discussion! Learn about our podcast changes, the importance of demos, and discover how you can be part of this transformative journey.

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Live Transcript

Raj Anderson: [00:00:00] Welcome to the coach into flourish podcast. And I am your host Rad Anderson, executive life coach and coach assessor. I'm here with John Andrew Williams. Who's the founder of coach training EDU. And today we are celebrating our hundredth. Coaching to flourish podcast, aren't we, John?

John Andrew Williams: I can't believe it's 100, wow.

I know.

Raj Anderson: I know. How did we get to 100? What is it that you want to celebrate today, John? I

John Andrew Williams: don't know, but if I were more on top of it, I would have flowers delivered to you, Raj, like, right now. Like, I would have had it all lined up, and I was like, yeah, in another lifetime, in my parallel lifetime, I'd make this happen.

Uh, but yeah, no, or something, you know, something, but it just, it, it goes quick. I think that's the thing that it didn't seem like too long ago that, uh, you know, we did our first one and it felt like, wow. Okay. Like that was the first one that felt really good. You know, I think we were still finding our footing at different points in time, even this, like, you know, in this format, we're still finding our footing.

But it's a, it feels like, wow, we did it, you know, just once a week for two years, you get to a hundred and all the content that's been created, uh, all the people. Yeah. Starting, you know, it's a step for you. I'm curious, like a hundred, like what's the main takeaway from you reaching this milestone? Well,

Raj Anderson: I was reflecting on it before we came on the call and.

I was thinking about when you first asked me. So when John first asked me, he's like, Oh, you want to do this podcast together? And I was like, Hmm, okay, yes, sure, John. Because I think there's a lot of growing that needed to happen for me. It's been an incredible growth journey. And I'm so grateful to you, John.

I think sometimes we do need or it's just fantastic when other people see [00:02:00] that potential in you. Uh, you know, and I'm grateful for that, and I thank you for seeing that in me. Um, because it's something that I wanted to do, and I wanted to do for a long time. Yet, it is nerve wracking to put yourself out there, live.

Uh, and now I'm on hundreds of videos, which Yeah. I thought about that too. It's fantastic. Uh, yet when you think about it, it's a big deal. It really is. So I think just the learning from my own growth, building confidence, being courageous and being consistent, like what can actually happen when you are consistent.

In this type of thing, and there are so many things, as I said, I've learned about myself, but what are your thoughts, John, as I'm just sharing a few of those things in my journey?

John Andrew Williams: Yeah, I think the consistency is the thing that is my biggest takeaway as well, where it doesn't seem like much in the time.

You know, another Tuesday comes and you think, okay, cool. It's the time I hop in, you do the thing. Uh, and it's almost like I expect it now it's built into the life, like the, you know, life has, has created an ecosystem, a place for it. So, uh, I feel like this podcast has probably had the biggest impact on you and me more than anything.

And then it's okay. The impact also radiates out to the people on the team, other people watching and listening, uh, people who are even indirectly here. Yeah. That's what I'm feeling is, uh, in this hundredth one, the, yeah, the consistency, it makes an eco. Yeah. There's like a, there's an ecosystem for.

Raj Anderson: Absolutely. And it keeps the topics current, you know, for me, you know, you know, this really well when you are involved [00:04:00] in running your own business and there are so many moving parts and I'm a consultant and a trainer, um, elsewhere, as well as a coach training EDU. Sometimes there's not always the space to explore.

the current coaching topics and, and have that conversation. And I learned so much from you, John. And so the borrowed insight, the hot topics, the books. So it keeps it current. And I, and I hear from coaches as well. It keeps it current for them when they can listen and ask those questions as well.

John Andrew Williams: Absolutely. Absolutely. And we have a slight, we have an announcement too. Like, uh, we thought we would get to 100 and reassess and decide, okay, we're going to keep it going. Are you going to modify in some way? And I think, do you want to, do you want to announce it Raj? I think it's, I think it's you.

Raj Anderson: Yes, because I'm really, really excited about this.

So we are changing things up a little bit, aren't we, John? And we are going to be bringing in coaching demos. Uh, so, um, we're going to invite people as well, uh, listen to us today and then drop in the chat. We're going to drop in an email address that you can contact us as well. If you are interested in being part of a coaching demo, but this is, we've been asked for this again and again.

Haven't we, John? Well, it's

John Andrew Williams: been on my list. It's been on my list. I was working on something, uh, business oriented even this morning and picked. And looked at on a, you know, did a quick Google Drive search and got a document, a seven page detailed document that was dated over four years ago on the exact topic that I was wrestling with.

And I feel like, yes, wasn't demos, but demos as a similar document. That's maybe four years old. This is a do list for four years. And we're finally getting to it. Wow. [00:06:00] Like, we're here. This is, this has been, like, a dream. It's sort of, I think, okay, let's talk about dreaming and doing, because I've been thinking, I mean, this is a hundred and, like, you know, doing the thing.

And I think what I realized is that, uh, a lot of the things that people dream of, myself included, like, you know, listening to people who do things, dream things, dreamers and doers, this idea that the, the dream eventually does come to fruition, but usually it takes a little bit longer than you would like it to.

And that's what I found. And you got to know what your year, like, what is your, like, what's the dream to doing? Like, what's the, what's the delay? Like, what's your dream to doing delay? Because some people, you know, you hit a really big when they're young and then it's like, poo takes off. And then their dream to their dream to doing delay is maybe, I don't know, a year.

I feel like mine is somewhere between five years and a decade. I feel like I'm five years in a decade of this is the dream I have. This is by when I want to do it. Nope. Five years, 10 years later, it might happen. You know, there's at least a 50 percent chance of it happening demos. I feel like are in that space where I've been wanting to do these for years.

They're finally happening. We put it, Raj and I and the team, we just met about this last week, talked about it, uh, put something out there. We have our first people signing up for demos, coaching demos. Uh, so how it's going to work is I will, uh, work with someone ahead of time. We'll record it or Raj or Hannah or some other coach.

And then Raj and I, uh, we're going to look at it on, on live together on this cast. And then discuss it. And then we'll see if we can get the person who was the client to join us as well or not. We'll see if that how that works out. But that's the format.

Raj Anderson: This is really exciting, John. And and when we talk about coaching demos, so it's going to be an actual coaching experience that you're recording.

Is that right? An

John Andrew Williams: actual, real life coaching experience. [00:08:00]

Raj Anderson: Okay. And why do you think demos are so important for us to share and talk through?

John Andrew Williams: Yeah, I mean, I think we get, well, A, we get lots of demo requests. And I've tried doing this, this kind of project in the past where I've worked with, uh, practice clients over, you know, a series of 10 sessions, um, and, but they didn't really have a great format for like the consistency of delivering.

Okay. Now this is my analysis of it. And I think what the magic of it is, this is the, you know, now we have a vehicle we have, we have consistent vehicle where we can do analysis. Now, let's go back to those previous projects and dust off the demos because you get to see, you get to learn about coaching by watching coaching.

Uh, by hearing, you know, master certified coaches go through their process and talk about this is why I asked this question. This is where I went with it. I'll be curious too. I know I'm going to become a better coach from it, you know, from you looking at these demos too, Raj, and you saying, John, you asked that question quite a number of times.

Really? Like, what is that like to say that out loud? Like, you that every single question, but, but maybe, maybe I asked that every single coaching session and man, that's okay. Uh, because it is, that's a big part of coaching. What is it like to say this? And then here and now, you know, what, what energy shifts, you know, as you're working through this.

So I think that for me being able to share demos, it's an, it's an, it meets the needs of the people who are in the training program who will have access to the full demos. We're not going to watch the full demos on this. We're just going to pick parts of it. We'll jump around a little bit. Uh, but even listening to this, you'll be able to see.

Yeah, these are the main points. These are the highlights. This is why this matters in the coaching field. And so it's a, so it's not just us saying, yeah, do these things. It's like, watch us do these things. Watch us talk about doing these things, learn, and then let's play, you know, let's see what comes up and let's change the world, you know, really this is new human [00:10:00] technology in terms of, you know, people, uh, interacting with each other.

I'm excited to start putting this stuff down and see what comes out with it.

Raj Anderson: And there's so much learning that can happen from that, isn't there, as you said, it's seeing that happen, the space that's being created, the types of questions. different tools. Um, I will be really interested to see, um, you and other coaches as well.

You know, how do you handle different kinds of scenarios? You know, perhaps there is a certain type of vulnerability coming up in a session or past the use of even, um, direct communication. I think about all the questions I get asked. As a coach trainer and assessor and, and, um, coaches wanting to see a demonstration of that.

John Andrew Williams: Yeah, that's great. And then I have a list. I have a list of topics from our 1. 0 They don't have great video demos yet for the, the, uh, the course. And so I have a list of, if I have the opportunity to use a tool that I've been working on or that, that I even have in my laboratory that I have yet to roll out, I'm going to use it and I'm going to talk about it.

And it's going to be really fun. So

Raj Anderson: it is. Absolutely. So what are we asking of our listeners today? What is that call to action?

John Andrew Williams: There's a link. We're going to put the link out. So if you want to be a practice client, like a demo client, we're going to come back. We'll come demo client. If you want to be a demo client on and, and have your session recorded.

And then shared in this space in the coaching first podcast, where I will talk about it. Roger, talk about it. And then you could also join us and talk about your experience as a client. Uh, please fill out the form and get, you know, a 30 minute session on my calendar. I will meet with you. I will coach you for 30 minutes and then maybe we'll schedule a couple of future sessions.

We'll see. You know, so I'm thinking we can see even the progression of, okay, this is the 1st time working with the client. 2nd time. 3rd time. [00:12:00] We're going to see how this thing evolves and how it wants to grow. Uh, but that please take look out for that link. And if you're interested, grab a time on my calendar.

And what a great

Raj Anderson: opportunity to be coached by an MCC coach. So I encourage you to seize that opportunity and just see what that experience is like.

John Andrew Williams: Do you have a link too Raj? Do you have a link? We can create a link. Because if we create one, I'm signing up. I'm going to, I'm going to be first one. You're like, wait a second.

Raj Anderson: Yeah. Watch

John Andrew Williams: me coach John. Who is this person? I'm like, hi, I'm here to be coached.

Raj Anderson: Master, master coach. John was my trainer.

John Andrew Williams: I'll just, I have like, I'll wear like different glasses or something. I don't know. Maybe I need to wear like, these are my coach. These are my demo glasses. And then these are the ones where I'm live, like my live on Facebook or wherever, uh, LinkedIn glasses.

Raj Anderson: You're going to shift your, your persona there a little bit.

John Andrew Williams: Maybe I'll just, yeah, do it from a different, uh, different vantage point. How am I coaching my coaching background?

Raj Anderson: So it was

John Andrew Williams: fun. This is, I mean, I mean, 200 years from now, I wonder what people will say about this time period, you know, like, can you believe it? Like this is what they're doing.

Raj Anderson: I know. I mean, I'm just learning and growing even listening now and thinking about, you know, the different kinds of things that show up for you in terms of the presence that you want to bring as a coach, even as a coaching client.

I, you know, I encourage you if you're going to be in those demos to really think about how you want to get the best out of it. As I said, it's a great opportunity to be coached by an MCC coach. Why do you think, John, that this is important that we continue this type of work for the future of coaching?

John Andrew Williams: There aren't many great demos out there. Uh, we've done some Google searches. There are some, I mean, there are some that [00:14:00] are like, yay, you know, like good, like, but I think to demonstrate for the larger field, this is what life, this is what life coaching is and to demystify some of the misconceptions around the field.

One of which probably the biggest one is being a life coach means that you are offering advice. Well, you have advice to offer, uh, or that somehow you have mastered life and then you have, you know, these, these opportunities to help. I think this comes a little bit from a sports trainer. Uh, where, you know, you expect your sports trainer to, you know, also know what they're doing and have their own be in shape themselves, you know, but I mean, coaches, I think the biggest misconception is it's, it's really what we're doing as coaches is we are a lot.

We were letting others borrow our curiosity and listening. And when you allow another human to be very curious about your own life and ask you questions for your sake, you grow. And that's the very distilled version of what life coaching is. We're going to be able to show that showcase it, not just talk about it, but, but really show, yes, this is, this is it.

And that's, that needs to happen. The field needs to, to see that. Uh, and I'm excited to, to have your demos too, Raj. And, you know, to get your, you know, Get insights on your coaching insights on my coaching. If there are other coaches who are willing who are at the ACC level or PCC level, who are willing to share demons that demos that aren't that great.

Uh, you know, if there are demos that I do that aren't that great, I'll share them. I really feel like there is there's so much opportunity here to explore this space. We have the consistency. We have the systems. It's a great opportunity. Let's do it. I am.

Raj Anderson: I am really keen to see. This type of coaching in demos as well, because there has been demos that I've seen before and they're not that there's not value [00:16:00] add in that type of coaching or when people are mentoring or consulting, yet there is a difference when you go really deep, isn't there?

The impact on the person that you're coaching in terms of empowering them with their own resilience and resourcefulness. And I haven't seen enough demos out there around that type of coaching.

John Andrew Williams: Yeah, we'll see. We'll see how they go. But yeah, it'll be fun. And there is something to like, just to be completely transparent, there's something about doing demo coaching.

That's not quite like, you know, confidential us, me and me as a client coach. So this isn't, you know, we're getting as close to that as possible without going into that. Cause everyone who's doing the demos knows, yes, we're recording this. Yes. This is going to be public. Yes. We're going to be talking about this.

So it's, uh, It really is a demo. It's a demo. It's not the real thing, but it's as close to the real thing as we can get. And because if. Yeah, the real thing is, cannot be shared, but this is going to be shared. So it's as close to the real thing that is as close to the shareable real thing as we can get.


Raj Anderson: what else then should we be looking out for? I know in coach training edu, you said that you. This has been a part of your dream, and sometimes dreaming and doing for you, you know, it can be, maybe it's three years, maybe it's five years, but what else did you dream before that we might be seeing in Coaching Media now?

John Andrew Williams: Uh, you know, the, it could, we're getting closer than the coach client matching app is there. It's we don't need testers for it. So we're going to test it with the trainers first. And then the participants in the class, then we'll open it up, but it's, it's ready. I mean, as far as I know, it's ready for [00:18:00] testing.

So it's exciting as well. That's it. That's a big one. I'll go more detail on that, uh, when it's ready, ready, and we have a website for it, but, um, it's. Yeah. It, to me, I feel like the field of coaching is very clear. It's growing. It's clear that it is something that is becoming more and more accepted. The, I really do believe the future of education is going to center around coaching.

Uh, it's going to take a little bit, but I think it's going to, I think there's going to be a movement for it simply because it works and it's more efficient and effective. And whichever, um, whichever group of people does it first on the largest scale, there, there will be huge advantages. So if I'm really dreaming, dreaming big, I'm hoping that there will be a state that requires teachers to have an academic life coaching credential.

It would be amazing.

Raj Anderson: That would be absolutely amazing. It really would. So. And we're looking at the future of coaching. We've shared, we've celebrated today. We've shared information on what's coming and demos and how to get involved. But I'm also hearing here nuggets of inspiration, you know, what is possible when you plant a seed, you've got lots of plants behind you, John.

And I know you've been taking cuttings. So it's a good metaphor.

John Andrew Williams: I should send you a cut. That's I now know it. I I've got, yes. That's what's going to be there.

Raj Anderson: That's what I'm going to look out for. So that will be my celebration cutting. Um, but as we plant those seeds and we nurture them, um, what words of wisdom do you have, John, for people out there who may be afraid to start their own podcast, or maybe they're afraid of taking that next step with their dream?

John Andrew Williams: [00:20:00] I'm not sure. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I feel like I know coaching really well. I know the stuff, but like the media thing is kind of new. I mean, we're doing this for 2 years, but it still feels relatively new. You know, it still feels like we're learning and, um, there's a comedian who has asked a question and I was like, and it was a question of basically there was an audience member who's saying you're living my, my dream life, uh, and the person on the stage said, uh, you just keep doing the thing.

You know, like you just, and there's another podcaster, uh, who said the same thing, you just keep doing it, you know, just don't stop, uh, no matter what. And I think that's it. I think that's, it seems so simple, but that's that, you know, it might, you might need to pivot. You might need to reiterate for a little bit.

You might need to eat, you know, ramen for years, which we did and, you know, you might have to go minimal for a bit, but just. Keep doing the thing.

I mean, it's been 20 years, basically a coach training, you know, coaching and I can imagine another 20 easy. It's going to get fun. I mean, it's fun. It's going to be more fun. What would you say? Roger? I'm curious.

Raj Anderson: Well, what I do want to say as well, John, I get a lot of inspiration from you because you do just do the thing, you do it, and you give it a go, and we've talked a lot in our podcast about experimentation and the freedom that's there, and I think that's what's helped me learn and grow with you, because you're not afraid to experiment, and I think that is that continuous message, it's like, you know, I'm going to give this a go, and If it works in this way, great.

If not, we'll pivot, and we'll change it up, and we'll attempt something else. And it reminds [00:22:00] me of a motto that I had created for myself from NLP training that I had done, that there's no failure, there's only feedback. And I have learned over doing a hundred podcasts, like what's the worst that's going to happen?

I mean, actually, you know, when you work with great people and you bounce off each other and the energy's there, there's alignment anyway. So, you know, Surround yourself, I would say, with great people, because you become the average of five people you spend time with. But when you surround yourself with that energy, and you feel safe, it helps you to grow.

Also, that question, what's the worst that's gonna happen? Well, actually, what's the best that could happen? The best that could happen is I'm here live with you, John. I have, like, over hundreds of videos. And I watch them back. I do watch them back. To have a look at my own growth and what I could change and what I could do differently.

So that has been incredibly impactful, that experimentation, the learning and growing, and the focusing on what's the best that could happen versus, oh my goodness, there's like, all of this. Media out there, like what's going to happen with it. Actually, we made an impact on people. We get feedback all the time.

John Andrew Williams: I think the best that can happen is Oprah signs up for one of my coaching sessions and then we talk about it with her on this cast. Like that's, just rolling it out there gently.

Raj Anderson: There you go. We've put it out there. This now needs to go viral. Anyone got any connections? To Oprah, I'm actually going to add maybe even Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore has her own show and she talks about these kinds of topics. So let's put it out to the universe and see what we can attract.

John Andrew Williams: You [00:24:00] know, I think, you know, we have, uh, you know, Coach Cheney has trained, you know, some very high profile individuals. We can't name them, but it's, it's amazing. And I think one of the things that I've realized is they're just people too.

And it's amazing. Like when you're like, wait a second, but you're, I recognize you from the big screen. And then, but then it's also like, but you're human and you have human things like we all do. So I think that. I'm very excited about these, these, these casts. I'm excited about the opportunity to share demos of coaching.

I have come to realize that when you are a life coach and you're working with the client. You are in, in they're breaking new ground. They're breaking new, you know, more understanding of themselves. You're literally standing on the, the forefront of human conscious awareness of ourselves, like, in a sense of, if you think of all the collective humanity, all of the collective knowledge, emotion, feeling that we have as a coach, you are helping a person further themselves.

You are helping people further humanity. I'm excited to share that. In this container, and then to see what comes up, you know, to see the impact of the, you know, listening and being involved in listening to the cast, what that does then to, uh, your own, uh, life and your practice. Like, that's what I'm really looking forward to if I'm going to be like the, you know, the biggest goal out there that I have for this next upcoming year, uh, is to start seeing the feedback from the people who are watching these things.

Raj Anderson: I love that. What a great note to finish on John. I know we're on time. Um, you know, how do we collectively expand human consciousness and unleash human potential. I'm excited to continue to be on this journey. We look forward to hearing [00:26:00] from you. Um, get in touch. Be part of this journey with us. Anything else you want to close out on, John, as we celebrate today?

John Andrew Williams: Last thing, Raj, I just want to celebrate you and the, the consistency, which I feel like is the key ingredient that has been missing from, for this for years. And it's because of you that we're here doing the hundredth. Because there are times when you're, where Ashley tells me, yeah, Raj can't make, I'm like, Me neither.

Rog isn't doing it. I'm not doing it. But you're, you're, you, thank you. That's no, that, that is the hugest thing in making something like this works. And for, for me to have you to, to hold the consistency, hold it down. Thank you. It really matters. And we're here and I'm looking forward to another hundred.

You know, demos and the whole thing. Like, yeah, we're just getting started. Thank

Raj Anderson: you. Absolutely. I appreciate it. I'm grateful. I'm grateful to be able to do this. So we look forward to then seeing everyone.

John Andrew Williams: See you next week. Next week.

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