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Teresa Gallis is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Duke Certified Health & Well-Being Coach, and a Professional Academic Life Coach with a Masters in Teaching and a background in nontraditional education. She helps busy professionals to create sustainable systems for recharging in the midst of unpredictability so they can avoid burnout and enjoy wellness. Cultural exchange, digital minimalism, and authentic connections on brisk walks recharge her as Teresa coaches online and adventures with her husband and son from their home base in North Carolina. She is excited to learn, grow, and celebrate with you!

Where did you grow up? 

Although I was born in Illinois and have lived in 9 states (mostly in the Midwest), I credit growing up in Orlando with my obsession with sunshine and feeling most at home in the water.

Favorite coaching tool?

Inner Critic: gaining the perspective that the nasty voice in our head who is sabotaging our success is not even our own voice empowers us to choose our path forward as we realize that this familiar voice is, in fact, not our boss (even if we’re used to giving him this honor).

What is your favorite thing about being a trainer? 

I am honored to meet people from all over the world, and to peek into their cultures and perspectives. It’s also a bonus to be able to wax eloquent about my favorite subject (coaching!) with people who share my interest in empowering others to exceed their dreams.

What is a lesson you’ve taken with you from childhood or what is one of the core things that you keep with you? 

A core lesson I learned after the shocking and unexpected death of my first daughter and my accompanying layoff from a job that felt like home was to honor my values by prioritizing my health and well-being, and my family’s needs, above the ever-present demands of work–and to confine work within boundaries that support my values.

What impact do you want to leave on the world? 

Know* and honor your values. Sacrificing your values for anything else will leave you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

*I love helping people clarify their values and create a sustainable framework for honoring their values in the midst of their real life. Contact me to get started!

What do you like to do in your free time? 

As a working parent of an energetic preschooler, I don’t really have any “free time”; however, current joys include reading to or adventuring with my preschooler, challenging my physical limits twice each week during a group cycling class, and unwinding during nap time with a Zen swim several times each week. I also welcome opportunities for basking in the sunshine with a good book, dreaming about tiny houses or van life, and enjoying lively conversation on brisk walks.

What is a quote that inspires you?

“What you focus on grows.” From a neurological perspective, new synapses and neurons form when we reinforce a new skill or a certain thought. The more times we revisit this neural pathway, the stronger it grows–and the easier it is for our brain to access it! I try to be intentional about cultivating the pathways that I want to shape my life.

You can contact Teresa at teresa@coachtrainingedu.com or schedule a meeting using her online calendar.

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