Life Coach Certification

Your life coach certification is an essential tool that opens pathways and opportunities to launch your life coach career. Coach Training EDU’s accreditation is recognized internationally. And because CTEDU is an accredited training program by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), you are placed on the fastest possible path to your ICF coaching credential.

We're ICF Credentialed.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the current leading standard in the coaching field. (Click to explore a brief history of the certification and the ICF.) ICF certification is a must for any training school committed to best practices in the life coaching field. CTEDU has passed the highest standards the ICF offers making us an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

You can confidently begin your training knowing our organization has passed rigorous 3rd party standards certifying the quality and content of your training program. 

Your life coach credentials represent a major step forward in your skill set and the opportunity for new career paths. You’ll have the ability to offer coaching programs in your organization showcasing that you have met the highest standards and that a coaching program can be deployed with confidence. Your life coaching certification is a tool to launch you to the next level in your career.

More than 70% of CTEDU graduates report earning coaching related income within three months of completing their life training program.

Your life coach certification signals to potential clients that you have met the standards of a rigorously trained professional program. It demonstrates you’re serious about being an effective leader and implementing impactful practices to promote success. Combined with the business support and resources offered as part of your coach training, you’re equipped to launch a thriving coaching practice or to offer powerful coaching programs in your organization.

Certification is INCLUDED in each of the training packages.

Life coaching certifications are vital to your success as a coach, which is why certification through Coach Training EDU is included.

Coach Training EDU offers life coach certification as part of the 1.0 and 2.0 training programs. We’re committed to providing you with the means to earn your ICF credentials. 

With everything included—from hardcopies of the materials to life coach certification—you can focus more of your energy on learning coaching concepts and less time navigating the maze of coach certifications. Here you have the gold standard of life coach certifications. 

Which level of certification is right for you?

We offer two different levels of certification. These levels of certification follow the ICF’s structure for certification and reflect the difference between an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Successfully complete any Coach Training EDU’s 1.0 Coach Training Series.

Complete a Group Mentor Coaching Program.

You need to log your paid coaching hours and submit hours and client contact information.

Apply online for your Certified Coach Certificate.

““I can’t speak highly enough of it. Coach Training EDU was so influential for me. It gave me a great foundation to launch everything ever since.””

– Sam Moinet

Coach Training EDU Graduate

5 Steps to Earn Your Life Coach Certification

Step 1: Complete a Life Coach Training Course

Choose between Associate or Professional Certification. The following section offers guidance on which path best fits your goals. Depending on whether you pick to enroll only in a 1.0 course, or you choose to enroll in the 2.0 advanced coach training as well.

Step 2: Complete Mentor Coaching

Complete a Group Mentor Coaching Program.

Step 3: Log Coaching Hours

You need to log your paid coaching hours and send a log to CTEDU.

Step 4: Apply to Coach Training EDU

Once you complete the first three steps, your student folder includes a link to apply for certification. Your certification is included in each of the Coach Training EDU’s package.

Step 5: Apply to the International Coach Federation.

With your Coach Training EDU certificate, you are on the fastest path to an ICF credential. The ICF is an independent organization, certifying organizations and individuals in the coaching field.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the current leading standard in the coaching field. (Click to explore a brief history of the certification and the ICF.) Its certification is a must for any coach training school interested in best practices and standards in the life coaching field. Coach Training EDU has passed the highest standards the ICF offers: CTEDU is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Knowing your training organization has passed rigorous 3rd party standards gives you confidence in the quality and content of your training program.


Earning your certification ensures that you have reached the high standards set in each of the 7 Essential Coach Qualities. As part of your  training and certification journey, you will have an opportunity to engage with a mentor coach and a group mentor coaching to review actual coaching sessions. Coach Training EDU adopts the 7 Essential Coach Qualities as its standard for coach training and certification. These 7 Essential Qualities exceed the standards set by the ICF and match up well with the ICF’s standards. Your coaching certification signals to your potential clients or employers that you completed a robust coach training and understand and use industry-standard best practices.

“Coach Training EDU was a fantastic way to fine-tune the skills of helping others. From empathetic listening to helpful exercises that aid people in understanding their lives better, this training inspires, connects you, and nourishes you to live your best life as a coach for others.”

– Sheena Jeffers

Coach Training EDU Graduate

CERTIFICATION is one piece of the puzzle to launch an impactful career.

We offer other courses such as the Business Building tools to help you take your career to the next level.

Your life is more important than you may believe.

Get your certified life coach & coach certification program initiated so you can begin to help people so you can help others with their professional life and professional development via your ICF credential. A Coach certification program will help you become a certified life coach training professional to help others have a professional life and professional development via a ICF credential. This will help you with your coaching business that is backed by the International Coach Federation. Our life coaches go through our life coach certification program. The ICF Credential will help you out immensly.

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