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ICF Accredited Life Coach Certification.

Built to Give You the Strongest Foundation for Your Coaching Career.

Since 2009, Coach Training EDU has offered accredited coach training and has passed the toughest standards the International Coach Federation offers.


The Highest Level of Coach Accreditation.

Choose an ACTP School, the ICF’s Highest Standard.

CTEDU is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) and adheres to policies developed by the US Dept. of Education:

What this Means for You:

-You receive the most recognized life coach credential from an accredited program.
-You experience expert-level training because each CTEDU course instructor is required to also be ICF certified.
-You are fast-tracked through the ICF certification process with a certification from CTEDU.

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Which Level of Coach Certification Fits You.


For independent life coach or in-house academic advisor/coach at a university.

You are new to professional coaching & want to develop a foundational coaching skillset.
You are a coach, educator or professional interested in launching a coaching practice.
You want to join a global community cultivating positive change in the world.
You seek to obtain the ICF ACC credential through the ACSTH path.


For independent life coach who may employ other coaches. Required to be an assessor at an ACTP program.

You have some experience coaching personally or professionally.
You are a coach, educator or professional interested in an advanced coaching program.
You want to create a robust coaching practice or create a coaching program within an institution or organization.
You are looking for the most streamline path toward an ICF credential.


Coaching’s highest certification that requires over 2500 logged coaching hours. For creators of coaching programs and required to lead an ACTP program.

You have extensive experience as a professional coach or hold a management/coaching centered role within an organization.
You seek the highest level of coach-training & support.
You envision yourself constructing your own coach-training program to professionally train others.
You seek to obtain the ICF MCC credential.
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Ideal for anyone who is curious about coaching. Experiencing a training session is the quickest way to see if coach training is for you.

Steps in the CTEDU Coach Certification Process

1.0 Coach Training is a 6 month course that meets weekly for two hours at a set time. In this course, you’ll gain the training hours you’ll need to fulfill the ICF Associate Certified Coach requirements.

Work with a Practice Client for 10 hours

At about week 5 of your 1.0 training, it’s useful to start working with a practice client to apply the concepts and skills you are gaining in your course.

One of the most rewarding aspects of training is the growth that happens with useful, insightful feedback. Your coach-client overviews are the primary standard you need to pass to earn a CTEDU certification. Your trainers and coach mentor are here to support your growth and success.

Complete Group Mentor Coaching

Your Coach-Client Overviews will provide 3 hours of mentor coaching. Group mentor coaching will add another 7 to meet the 10 hours of mentor coaching needed to become a CTEDU certified coach.

Congratulations! Once you have passed the steps outlined above you’ve earned your associate coach certificate.

Next Steps for CTEDU Professional Coach Certificate and ICF Credential

Complete a 2.0 Advanced Coach Training Course

2.0 Advanced Coach Training gives you the additional training hours you need to qualify for your CTEDU Professional Coach Certification.

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Apply for an ACC Credential Through the ICF

With a CTEDU professional coach certificate, you will have already completed 3 out of the 5 requirements to earn your ACC credential through the ICF via the ACTP path. You will need to pass a multiple choice Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)—nearly 100% of our graduates pass—and log 100 hours of coaching practice to complete the ICF’s requirements.

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