Inclusion Coach Training Course

Course Description

The Inclusion Coach Training Course is a 12-session training course covering advanced knowledge and proficiencies in the diversity and inclusion field. The program is designed for coaches who have completed the 1.0 training course and want to further enhance their coaching qualities by engaging in a specific area of focus. 

The course covers essential tools specific for working with diverse audiences. It also provides coaches with a competitive advantage of adding diversity and inclusion as a critical competency to business brands, practices, and services.

Throughout the training, you will: 

  • Learn new foundational and essential coaching skills.
  • Explore lessons focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, biases, self-leadership, social justice, and cultivating inclusive practices.
  • Develop a theoretical and practical framework for making diversity and inclusion central to your coaching. 
  • Understand inclusion coaching in personal, professional, and business settings.

Course Format

The class will meet once a week for two hours, at your designated class time. Each class is broken into three main parts:

  1. Discussion: The first third of class includes an open discussion on the chapter you read to prepare for the course. Your trainer will answer questions and provide additional insight. 
  2. Demonstration: Your trainer will demonstrate how to use the tool or skill being discussed with a volunteer client from class. 
  3. Practice: The last portion of the class is reserved for practice time, and you will be broken into pairs to practice the coaching tool or skill with a classmate. This section concludes with a reflection.

Textbooks/PDFs Included

  • How to Be an Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive - J. Brown (Selected Readings) 
  • The Inner Work of Racial Justice - R.V. Magee  (Selected Readings)  


There are two main components required for CTEDU certification: 

  1. Coach-Client Overviews: Coaches are required to submit three coaching recordings to their Coach Mentor for feedback and review. You must earn a score of 7 or higher on either the second or third overview to complete the course. 
  2. Course Attendance: Coaches must attend a minimum of 20 of the 24 scheduled training sessions (which does not include the Orientation or Introduction sessions). 

Additional Courses 

  1. 2.0 Advanced Coach Training: This course is packed with advanced coaching tools and skills and provides a plethora of research to help coaches build their credibility. This newly updated program is designed to up-level your coach training and bolster your coaching practice.  

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Week 3 Sample: Understanding Difference


  • Read Chapter 2 in the How to Be an Inclusive Leader
  • Read Chapter 8 from The Inner Work of Racial Justice


  • How does empathy change coaching conversations?


This week, we will focus on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion & beliefs, and disability. By using the Johns Hopkins Diversity Wheel, we will explore the multi-faceted makeup of our clients and how their diverse backgrounds play into the success of their coaching.


Week 5 Sample: Ethics and Social Responsibility


Read Chapter 3 in the How to Be an Inclusive Leader


  • How can you be more intentional about fighting your unconscious bias?


This week, we will focus on race, racism, white supremacy, and privilege. We will look through the lens of Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes experiment to explore how easy it is to develop bias toward another group. 

From here, we will explore the current climate and address ways to make our coaching more proactive and socially responsible.



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