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Belonging & Equity Coach Training Course

Course Description

The Belonging & Equity Training course is a 12-session training course that equips coaches with essential tools for effectively working with diverse audiences, providing a competitive edge by integrating diversity and inclusion as a critical competency within business brands, practices, and services. Prerequisite: Must have successfully completed a 1.0 training program.

Throughout the training, you will: 

  • Learn new foundational and essential coaching skills.
  • Explore lessons focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, biases, self-leadership, social justice, and cultivating inclusive practices.
  • Develop a theoretical and practical framework for making diversity and inclusion central to your coaching. 
  • Understand inclusion coaching in personal, professional, and business settings.

Course Format

The class will meet once a week for two hours, at your designated class time. Each class is broken into three main parts:

  • Discussion: The first third of class includes an open discussion on the chapter you read to prepare for the course. Your trainer will answer questions and provide additional insight. 
  • Demonstration: Your trainer will demonstrate how to use the tool or skill being discussed with a volunteer client from class. 
  • Practice: The last portion of the class is reserved for practice time, and you will be broken into pairs to practice the coaching tool or skill with a classmate. This section concludes with a reflection.

Textbooks/PDFs Included

  • How to Be an Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive - J. Brown (Selected Readings) 
  • The Inner Work of Racial Justice - R.V. Magee  (Selected Readings)  

Additional Courses 

  • Leadership Coaching: This 16-session training course will engage in immersive exercises that go beyond traditional leadership development, focusing on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and strategic decision-making. The course content will explore leadership styles, change management, and effective communication strategies, empowering participants to navigate the complexities of leadership roles with confidence. 
  • Intro to Positive Psychology: This 16-session training course furnishes coaches with a robust theoretical foundation for their professional journey. This comprehensive program delves into the fundamental principles of positive psychology, unraveling the bedrock from which a plethora of coaching skills, tools, and strategies originate. Participants will not only gain an in-depth theoretical understanding of the coaching profession but also acquire practical insights and applications rooted in the rich tapestry of positive psychology, ensuring a holistic and impactful coaching experience.
  • Biz Launcher: This 12-session training course meets over six months, and lets coaches engage in a dynamic learning experience featuring group check-ins and strategically spaced one-on-one coaching sessions. These elements ensure ongoing accountability and support, empowering you to maintain momentum toward your goals. Building on the Build Your Life's Work self-study material from your 1.0 class, this course provides structured accountability and additional insights to enhance your coaching journey.

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