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Biz Launcher Training Course

Course Description

This Biz Launcher course is a six-month course tailored for those seeking to launch a Life Coaching business, especially if you're uncertain about where to begin. Experience dynamic engagement through group check-ins and strategically spaced one-on-one coaching sessions, ensuring ongoing accountability and support to sustain your momentum. Rooted in the Build Your Life's Work self-study material from your 1.0 class, this course provides structured accountability and additional insights to create your own Life Coach business.

Throughout the course, you will learn: 

  • How to identify your target audience and your brand 
  • How to gain clients 
  • How to market yourself 
  • Many other critical components of establishing a thriving coaching practice

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Course Format

The class will meet every other week for one hour at your designated class time. Each class will hold space for the following:

  • Discussion: The first third of class includes an open discussion on the chapter you read to prepare for the course. Your trainer will answer questions and provide additional insight. 
  • Idea sharing & Feedback: Coaches will have the opportunity to discuss strategies they’ve been using in their business and request feedback and advice. 
  • 1:1 Coaching: There will be opportunities for you to be coached around areas of struggle in your business development process. 

The “off” weeks will be treated as accountability sessions for additional support in taking action on building your coaching practice. You will be paired with another coach in your cohort to assist one another with accountability and ongoing support. 

Textbooks/PDFs Included

  • Build Your Life’s Work by John Andrew Williams (digital only) 

Get the Answer:

What inspired the CTEDU Business Builder Course, and what are some of its benefits?

Additional Courses 

  • Health Board Life Coaching: This 8-session training course is designed for coaches who want to develop specific skills for working in the health and wellness fields. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the intersection between coaching and health. Prerequisite: Wellness Specialization.
  • Team Coaching: This 16-session coach training course encourages team insights and offers team-building strategies for improving overall team effectiveness. In this training, students learn the role of the coach as a facilitator of positive team dynamics, equipping coaches with the skills to foster a culture of trust, communication, and collective achievement.
  • ALC Sport: This 12-week training course intricately weaves together life coaching principles tailored explicitly for student-athletes. Positioned at the forefront of sports psychology, this program uniquely navigates the nuanced terrain of working with young individuals, while simultaneously exploring the boundaries and ethical considerations inherent in applying life coaching methodologies within educational institutions, ranging from schools to collegiate settings. Immerse yourself in an innovative exploration of the intersection between life coaching and the distinctive challenges faced by student-athletes, ensuring a cutting-edge understanding of both fields.

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Week 2 Sample:  Clarify Business Goals


● Read Chapter 1 & 2 in the Build Your Life’s Work book


  • What is your biggest business goal for your coaching practice?


This week, we will focus on identifying the end goal for your coaching practice, as well as the milestones you will need to meet to reach this goal. 

From there, we will explore the six stages of The Dip or those inevitable setbacks that you will encounter along the way. 



Weekly Class Meetings and Attendance

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