Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Training

Here are a few tips and tricks for being successful and getting the most out of your training experience:

Come prepared. Be sure to read and listen to the necessary material ahead of class. Your Coach Portal is full of supplemental audio, video, and PDF files. Take full advantage! You will get so much more out of the training if you come to class with questions and thoughts from the reading and recordings.

Don’t hold back. Your practice sessions during class are an opportunity for you to play, take risks, and experiment with your coaching. 

Start looking for a practice client early. Week 6 will come sooner than you think, and it is helpful to start looking for a practice client early on. Tap into your network, and begin to see what options you may have sooner rather than later. 

Connect with your fellow coaches. Although you may be hundreds (or even thousands) of miles from your fellow coaches, technology has an amazing way of bringing people together. Do not hesitate to contact your classmates outside of class to arrange additional practice sessions or simply to discuss the work you all are doing. Being connected to others who share your passion and are in your same line of work is invaluable and can enhance your training experience.

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