Coach Training Courses and Programs

Coach Training EDU™ offers three levels of ICF accredited coach training programs. Each program builds on the previous and provides the most advanced, multifaceted coach training for establishing and enhancing your coaching career. The course specializations cover Wellness, Academic, or Executive Life Coach training.

Associate Training

The Associate training program includes the 1.0 training program, which is incorporated into all three specializations and covers the ICF’s gold standard foundation for life coach training. The program delivers cutting-edge skills, tools, and practice, along with the materials you need to successfully launch yourself into the professional coaching world. In addition, this program offers the ten Group Mentor Coaching hours required by the ICF, as well as materials for building your own coaching business. 

The program is six months and meets once per week for two hours. Successful graduates qualify to earn the Associate Coach Certification (ACC) from the ICF.

Professional Training

The professional training program is ideal for coaches wanting to establish a full-time practice or get hired as an in-house coach. This program includes the 1.0 training program and the advanced 2.0 training program, which offers more in-depth tools and research to boost your coaching skills and launch your professional career. In addition, coaches can study a second specialization or join the live business building course. 

Some qualified coaches with previous training may acquire a Professional Coach Certification (PCC) by completing the professional training program. 

Master Training 

The third and highest certification offered at CTEDU is a Master Certified Coach (MCC). To qualify for this certification, you must successfully complete 200 coach training hours. You will complete the first 125 hours by taking the 1.0 and the 2.0 courses. You can complete the remaining 75 hours by taking an additional 1.0 course and/or any combination of our elective courses, including: 

  • Biz Launcher 
  • Relationship Life Coach Training
  • Team Coach Training
  • Inclusion Coach Training
  • ALC Sport Coach Training 
  • Health & Wellness Life Coach Training 

 For more details on the levels of accreditation, visit the ICF’s website here.

Areas of Specialization

Executive Coach Training

Executive Coach training is beneficial for people who want to coach professionals, teams, and entrepreneurs. It is a versatile coach training program, offering the most flexibility for students who can apply the foundational coaching tools to any specialty niche in the coaching profession. The primary focus is corporate and entrepreneurial coaching which emphasizes action and accountability. This path is for people serious about building a coaching practice with a clientele of professionals from various backgrounds. Executive Coach training is offered as an online coach training program. Learn more here. 

Wellness Coach Training

Wellness Coach training is beneficial for people who seek opportunities to help others improve their health and overall wellbeing. Wellness coach training combines an accredited coach training program with customized texts and materials designed for the wellness industry. Students in the program will learn specific concepts and philosophies about the benefits of exercise, diet, sleep, and stress management in correlation with total wellness. Wellness Coach training is offered as an online coaching training program. Learn more here. 

Academic Life Coaching

Academic Coach training is beneficial for staff and faculty who want to provide coaching resources to students as a part of a larger strategic initiative to improve educational experiences and outcomes. Coach training is also an excellent avenue for administrators and guidance counselors who want to incorporate life coaching concepts and theories while working with students. Academic Life Coaching combines the coaching program with skills and tools specifically designed to work with students. The program optimizes teaching techniques proven to help students thrive academically, manage stress, develop sustainable resilience, and hone interpersonal skills. Learn more here.

Program Format

Class will meet once a week for two hours, at your designated class time. Each class is broken into three main parts. The first part of the class is an open discussion about the material you reviewed in preparation for your class, and your coach will answer any questions you have about the material. The second part of class includes a live coaching demo, where your coach trainer will demonstrate how to use the skill or tool you reviewed for class. The final third of class is dedicated to in-class practice with your fellow coaches and concludes with reflection.

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