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Group Mentor Coaching Course

Course Description

The Group Mentor Coaching course is an 8-week training course that allows coaches to share and receive direct feedback from both a Coach Mentor and peer coaches. Class sizes are typically 7 coaches, with Group Mentor Coaching courses taking place monthly. Most coaches start group mentor coaching within a few months of finishing their initial training.

This course is part of all certification programs (Essential, Academic and Health Board Life Coach certifications) and is a prerequisite for ICF certification.

  • Our trainers employ Marshall Goldsmith's feedforward approach, emphasizing future improvement over past mistakes, aligning with Carol Dweck's growth mindset concept.
  • One of the most significant benefits is being able to listen to other coaches' work.
  • Group mentor coaching looks at both specific coaching skills and different coaching styles.

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Course Format

  • The class will meet once a week for one hour at your designated class time. 
  • One coach will share a pre-recorded coaching session emphasizing a chosen Essential Coach Quality, and receive feedback.

How to Prepare for Group Mentor Coaching

As a presenter: 

  1. Choose a recording that will allow you to attain feedback both on the things you did well and on your areas of improvement. 
  2. Listen to your recording before coming to class. Mark the timestamps where you most want feedback to ensure a smooth process. 
  3. Take notes on the feedback you receive in class, and practice implementing that feedback with your clients after class. 
  4. Continue to monitor your progress against the feedback you received in class. 

As a listener: 

  1. Listen in Level 2 as your classmate shares their recording. 
  2. Remember that critical feedback is important, even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable to share. 
  3. Deliver all feedback with compassion and empathy. 


There are two main components required for CTEDU certification: 

  1. Pre-Recorded Coaching Sessions: Coaches are required to share at least one coaching session with their peer coaches. The presentation order will be determined during orientation.  
  2. Course Attendance: Coaches must attend a minimum of seven of the eight classes to fulfill the Mentor Coaching Hours requirement. 

Additional Courses 

  1. 2.0 Advanced Coach Training: This course is packed with advanced coaching tools and skills and provides a plethora of research to help coaches build their credibility. This newly updated program is designed to up-level your coach training and bolster your coaching practice. 

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