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Wellness Coach Training

Designed for wellness practitioners and health coaches, the Wellness Coach Training Self Study combines core life coaching skills with an in-depth exploration of health and wellness topics. Topics range from resilience and flow to best practices for healthy sleep and regular exercise. 

The Wellness Coach Training begins with the 1.0 Essential Course, giving you everything you need to know to become an effective life coach. The Wellness Self Study begins at your own pace, though we recommend not beginning the course until you’ve completed Week 8 in the 1.0 Essential Course. The combination of the 1.0 Essential Course and the Wellness Self Study set coaches on the path to becoming Health Board credentialed. 

Throughout your training, you will learn: 

  • Foundational coaching skills, presented in a framework for working with people focused on their health and wellness.
  • Specific tools for coaching around health and wellness success.
  • How to coach topics such as stress management, diet, and exercise.
  • Have opportunities to practice these skills and tools by coaching and being coached by your classmates. 

Course Format

Your 1.0 Essential Course will meet once a week for two hours, at your designated class time. Each class is broken into three main parts:

  1. Discussion: The first third of class includes an open discussion on the chapter you read to prepare for the class. Your trainer will answer questions and provide additional insight. 
  2. Demonstration: Your trainer will demonstrate how to use the tool or skill being discussed with a volunteer client from class. 
  3. Practice: The last portion of class is reserved for practice time, and you will be broken into pairs to practice the coaching tool or skill with a classmate. This section concludes with a reflection.

Once you’ve completed Week 8 of your 1.0 Essential Course, you can begin working through your Wellness Self Study. The foundational skills you learn during the first 8 weeks of the 1.0 course will prepare you to quickly incorporate elements of the Wellness Self Study into your coaching practice. 


There are four main components that are required for CTEDU certification: 

  1. Coach-Client Overviews: Coaches are required to submit three coaching recordings to their Coach Mentor for feedback and review. You must earn a score of 7 or higher on either the second or third overview in order to complete the course. 
  2. Course Attendance: Coaches must attend a minimum of 20 of the 24 scheduled training sessions (which does not include the Orientation or Introduction sessions). 
  3. Coaching Log: Coaches must accumulate a minimum of 10 coaching hours with at least one practice client throughout the coaching program. 
  4. Group Mentor Course: See additional courses below.

Throughout the Wellness Self Study, you will be asked to complete brief knowledge checks at the end of each session. These knowledge checks will count toward your Wellness Self Study attendance. Because the Wellness Self Study is self-paced, all sessions must be completed for wellness certification. 

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