ALC Sport

ALC Sports 
Academic Life Coaching Sports draws from two primary sources:

  1. Recent developments in the fields of sports psychology, positive psychology, and life coaching
  2. First hand experience of Academic Life Coaches who use a program specifically created for student-athletes in high school and college.

This program incorporates life coaching principles specifically for student-athletes. It is on the cutting edge of both sports psychology as it relates to young people, as well as the boundaries of using life coaching in a school or collegiate setting.

In Academic Life Coaching Sport, you will build on your foundational life coaching skills to learn advanced coaching concepts to reach higher levels of life coach certification.


The purpose of Academic Life Coaching Sport is to equip you, the coach, with tools to work effectively with student-athletes to improve on-field and off-field performance. The course will provide support and training in working one-to-one with student-athletes and delivering the ALC Sport program to teams. 

In the coach training sessions, we will examine the five aspects relevant to sports psychology and frame them within the life coaching approach of empowering the client and allowing the client to co-create. The five elements of sports psychology are: practice, pre-game rituals, in game performance, recover (sleep and nutrition), and relationships and team culture.

The ALC Sport program is designed to give student-athletes cutting-edge mental and emotional intelligence techniques to become a better, more competitive athlete. The program also prompts student-athletes to take the concepts learned from sport and apply them to life. Using sport as a vehicle for learning and growth, ALC Sport’s fundamental purpose is to help young people develop personally and increase emotional intelligence.