ALC Sport Training Course

Course Description

Academic Life Coaching Sport draws from two primary sources:

  1. Recent developments in the fields of sports psychology, positive psychology, and life coaching.
  2. First-hand experiences of Academic Life Coaches who use a program specifically created for student-athletes in high school and college.

This 12-week program incorporates life coaching principles specifically for student-athletes. It is on the cutting edge of sports psychology as it relates to young people, as well as the boundaries of using life coaching in a school or collegiate setting.

Throughout this course, you will: 

  • Develop tools to work effectively with student-athletes
  • Receive support and training in working 1:1 with student-athletes or delivering the ALC Sport program to teams. 
  • Examine the five aspects of relevant sports psychology and frame them with a life coaching approach to empowerment. (Five elements: practice, pre-game rituals, in-game performance, recovery, relationships, and team culture.)

The ALC Sport program is designed to give student-athletes mental and emotional intelligence techniques to become healthier, more effective athletes. The program also prompts student-athletes to take the concepts learned from sports and apply them to life. Using sports as a vehicle for learning and growth, ALC Sport’s fundamental purpose is to help young people develop personally and increase emotional intelligence.

In Academic Life Coaching Sport, you will build on your foundational life coaching skills to learn advanced coaching concepts to reach higher levels of life coach certification. As such, our 1.0 coaching programs are a prerequisite for this course.

Course Format

Class will meet once a week for two hours, at your designated class time. Each class is broken into three main parts:

  1. Discussion: The first third of class includes an open discussion on the chapter you read to prepare for the class. Your trainer will answer questions and provide additional insight. 
  2. Demonstration: Your trainer will demonstrate how to use the tool or skill being discussed with a volunteer client from class. 
  3. Practice: The last portion of class is reserved for practice time. You will be broken into pairs to practice the coaching tool or skill with a classmate. This section concludes with a reflection.

Textbooks/PDFs Included

  • Academic Life Coaching Sport Training Guide by John Andrew Williams(1 hard copy provided as part of your training.) 
  • The ALC Sport Student Workbook by John Andrew Williams (1 hard copy provided as part of your training.) 
  • Optional: Core Motivation by John Andrew Williams


There are three main components that are required for CTEDU certification: 

  • Coach-Client Overviews: Coaches are required to submit three coaching recordings to their Coach Mentor for feedback and review. A score of 7 or higher must be earned on either the second or third overview in order to complete the course. 
  • Course Attendance: Coaches must attend a minimum of 10 of the 12 scheduled training sessions. 
  • Coaching Log: Coaches must accumulate a minimum of 10 coaching hours with at least one practice client throughout the coaching program. 

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Week 5 Sample: Self Theory & Growth Mindset


● Read Chapter 5 in the Academic Life Coaching Sport Training Guide

● Review Tools # 2.1 and 2.2 in Client Workbook


  • How did you leverage your motivation style this past week?


This training session examines the importance of the internal game as it relates to the external and walks us through a visualization exercise to use with clients. 

Practice Coaching 

The points to address for today’s one-to-one work are: 

  • Identify an area of the game where your client would like to improve. 
  • Walk them through the visualization. 
  • Ask powerful questions around their internal dialogue. 

- How does your internal dialogue match your visualization? 

  • Ask powerful questions about gathering resources to make the visualization a reality. 
  • End the session with tangible action steps for that week. 



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