Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Life Coach Training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CTEDU is an internationally accredited coach training program for people who want to transform their lives and empower others. In addition to inclusive, research-driven programs, you will make lifelong connections and receive the unlimited support you need to make an impact and inspire others in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Why Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Historic Philadelphia and the surrounding region is a vibrant and diverse community that fosters an ideal coaching market for any specialization. The Delaware Valley is home to twelve Fortune 500 companies, four of which reside within Philadelphia’s city limits. From tech giant Comcast to aerospace pioneer Boeing, the demand for strong executive coaching is limitless. 
In addition to Philadelphia’s impressive economic and business sector, it is also home one of the nation’s ivy league schools, the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), the largest private employer in the city. Philadelphia houses over thirty colleges, technical schools, and universities, and over 200 primary and secondary schools, making it an ideal location for academic coaches looking to impact future generations.
The University of Pennsylvania’s medical school, Penn Medicine, was the first medical school in the nation, but it is not the only hospital in the city. With eight prestigious hospitals, including Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and three distinguished children’s hospitals, including CHOP, healthcare makes up the city’s largest employment sector. Given this impressive healthcare presence, wellness coaching has become a staple resource across the Philadelphia region.

If your goal is to specialize in sport or athletic coaching, look no further than Philadelphia’s passionate and thriving athletic industry. While the city boasts five professional sports teams, it is home to a dynamic athletic presence from the minor leagues through collegiate sports. Get tickets to watch the national champion Villanova Wildcat basketball team or head down to Boathouse Row to watch the largest intercollegiate rowing event in the nation. A robust athletic presence permeates through the fabric of what it means to be from Philly, and any team and relationship coach would find themselves right at home.
Philadelphia is one of the greatest cities in the country, making it an incredible location to build a thriving coaching business. The ICF Philadelphia, a charter chapter of the ICF, provides a strong network of support for coaches not only across the greater Philadelphia region but throughout Delaware and parts of New Jersey as well. Regardless of the stage in your current coaching journey, the ICF Philadelphia chapter provides both in-person and virtual programs to support your business and help you grow your client base. With over 300 active members, ICF Philadelphia is a leading resource for professional and developing coaches.

Combining Executive and Wellness programs with In-Person Experiences


This program is for coaches who have a passion for helping executives and entrepreneurs maximize their potential, tap into their ability for personal growth, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. This program’s cutting edge coaching concepts will revolutionize the way your clients work, making them more effective and compassionate leaders.


Wellness coaching is for folks who feel inspired to help others make positive changes toward a healthier and more sustainable life. This program includes tools to help others clarify their life goals and make intentional shifts toward positive habit formation. As a bonus, the US Department of Labor estimates that health and wellness coaching positions will increase by 21% in the next two years. There has never been a better time to start your career in wellness coaching

In-Person Experiences

Take your coaching practice to the next level by joining fellow coaches from the greater Philadelphia area to dive deeper into the intricacies of executive and wellness coaching. Through live coaching sessions, team-building or wellness-focused exercises, and extensive networking, you will gain a set of unique tools to help your clients thrive. These specialized in-person trainings will leave you with a skill set unmatched by other coaches and a personal coaching network larger than you’d previously imagined.

No more doubts about credentials.

Earn an Industry-Recognized Certification.

Invest in your personal and professional abilities with a Life Coach Certification while also fast-tracking your International Coach Federation credentialing process.

ICF Accredited Program
10+ Years Experience
Research Based Curriculum
Certified Expert Trainers

No more going it solo.

Join a Global Community of Curious Leaders.

By joining CTEDU’s program, you will gain access to a large network of over trained coaches across 50 different countries around the world. The live training session starts with a handful of geographically dispersed coaches and quickly becomes a close-knit community of supportive friends and colleagues. The support is staggering.

Extensive alumni program
Community events
Business support
Life-long access to materials

No more lost opportunity.

Take the Next Step to Launch Your Career.

Explore best practices to attract and enroll clients or enhance your organization with research-based coaching skills. Through this program, you will develop the ability to lead and inspire others with confidence.

Experiential learning
Engaging experience
Industry Best-Practices
Specialized certifications

“The vision for my coaching business is empowering leaders to change the world. I believe, you know, everything about this year, everything about right now – we’ve hit an inflection point.. And we’re going to need leaders who are not just trained in organizational structure but who understand themselves.”

-Alyn Waller | Pennsylvania, U.S.

Alyn Waller, CTEDU Certified Executive Coach, has dedicated his coaching career to helping pastors, politicians and pre-c-suite executives to help them on the journey of discovering themselves so that they can be more effective leaders.

Program Features

Optimized Learning

Our curriculum is designed using the flipped classroom model. Based on the way adults learn best, this model ensures that you get the most learning out of every moment.

Research-based Curriculum

You will have access to life coaching tools rooted in positive psychology concepts, hope theory, neuroscience, and sports psychology. Because of this research-based approach, you will develop more meaningful relationships, become more empathetic, and discover the best version of yourself.

Fun Environment

Getting your life coach certification is a serious decision but also comes with a healthy dose of fun. With fun and personal workshops, active social media groups, and a close-knit coaching community, you’ll enjoy every step of the training process.

Trained by Certified Life Coaches

Every coach trainer has been CTEDU certified and holds a credential from the ICF. Using both their training and expertise from their own coaching practices, they are able to prepare you for real-world coaching.

Streamlined path to ICF Credentialing

Upon completion of our training program, you’ll be a CTEDU certified life coach. The next step is to receive a credential from the ICF. The ICF is an independent organization that provides certifications to both organizations and individuals in the coaching field. Once you receive your CTEDU certificate, create an ICF account, log your coaching hours, and pass the coach knowledge assessment (CKA) to receive your ICF credential.

Life Coach Certification Specializations

Whatever your passion is, we have a personalized training program to fit your niche. With the essential life coaching skills foundational to each program, your training can be specialized into academic, executive, wellness, sport, or relationship coach training. Each program will help you develop the specific skills you need to operate a successful coaching business.