Life Coach Training in Idaho

Personalized learning experiences and internationally accredited life coach training for motivated people looking for the next step in their career. Get the support you need to impact, inspire and transform starting in Idaho.

In-Person Workshops & Live, Engaging Online Training.

Since 2009, Coach Training EDU has leveraged technology to deliver online life coach training. Life Coach Training develops your skillset to have conversations that change people’s lives. It provides tools for you to explore challenges with increased confidence.  At the end of your coach training course, you will marvel at the distance you have traveled, the insights you’ve gained, and the friendships you’ve forged.You’ve found the easy button to learn more about life coach training. If you’re curious about the life coach training experience, join us for a 2 hour live training experience and see the magic for yourself.

ICF Coaching

Executive Coaching Certification

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No more doubts about credentials. 

Earn an Industry-Recognized Certification.

Level up professionally and personally with a Life Coach Certification while also being placed on the fastest path to be credentialed by the International Coach Federation.

No more going it solo.

Join a Global Community of Curious Leaders.

The alumni community has over 3000 trained coaches in 50 countries. It starts with the close-knit classroom experience.After 15 minutes of being in a live training session you’ll feel like you’re in the same room with people from all over the world.

No more lost opportunity. 

Take the Next Step to Launch Your Career.

Explore best practices to attract and enroll clients or up-level your organization with coaching skills. Develop the skills to confidently lead and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Gold Standard
Life Coaching Training

“I enrolled in the ALC because I wanted the tools and skillset to empower young people to find purpose and meaning in their education and their schooling.”

– Hayden Lee

Program Features

Optimized Learning

Our curriculum is designed on the flipped classroom model based on the way adults learn best ensuring you’re getting the most out of every moment.

Research-based Curriculum

You’ll learn life coaching tools and theories rooted in positive psychology, hope theory, neuroscience and sports psychology. You’ll develop more meaningful relationships, become a more empathetic person and really learn how to be the best version of yourself.

Fun Environment

Getting your life coach certification is a serious decision but it’s also a fun one. You’ll enjoy every step of training with workshops, social media groups and a close-knit community of people to connect with.

Trained by Certified Life Coaches

Every coach trainer guiding you has been CTEDU certified and with their expertise from their own coaching practices will be able to better equip you for real-world coaching.

Streamlined path to ICF Credentialing

Once you’ve finished our training program you’ll be a CTEDU certified life coach and the next step is to become an ICF credentialed life coach. The ICF is an independent organization, certifying organizations and individuals in the coaching field. After you’re CTEDU certified, all you have to do is log additional coaching hours and pass a coach knowledge assessment to be ICF Credentialed.

Life Coach Certification Specializations

Whatever your passion is, we have a personalized training program to get you there. With the foundation of essential life coaching, your training can also be specialized in academic, executive or wellness life coach training. You’ll develop the skills necessary to become a successful coach.



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