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Coach Training EDU offers Coach Training in the
Professional, Wellness, and Academic Life Coaching Fields.
Our work is based on Positive Psychology and ICF accredited.

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Coach Training EDU empowers people

to launch a successful coaching career as well as integrate life coaching concepts into an organization or university. We train people yearning to make a profound positive difference in the lives of others and to receive training that meets the highest standards of coach training certification. Each of our specialized coach training programs – Essential Coach Training, Wellness Coach Training, and Academic Life Coaching – are fully accredited (ACTP) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). We offer both in-person training, workshops, and online life coach training. Since 2010 we have trained more than 500 coaches in over 30 countries as well as worked with dozens of universities and organizations such as Columbia Business School and Mindquest Group in Hong Kong.

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More than 500 Coach Training EDU

Graduates in over 30 countries

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Coach Training EDU’s 3 Coach Training Programs

Essential Coach Training

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The Essential Coach Training program specializes in training people to be coaches addressing professional and personal performance. Incorporating executive and business coaching, Essential is offered in over 12 different cities worldwide and through an online coach training.

Wellness Coach Training

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The Wellness Coach Training program specializes in training people to be professional coach in the wellness field. The Wellness Coach Training program also focuses on helping people seek out resources for healthy and clean living: exercise, diet, and life style change.

Academic Life Coaching

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The Academic Life Coaching training program specializes in training people to be professional coaches working with students in college, secondary, or middle school. Academic Life Coaching also works with colleges and universities to boost student retention and engagement.

  • "Thank you!! I've been learning a lot! I've learned more about coaching in your class and your mentor ship class than I am in my college classes... I've really enjoyed working with you!"

    Cassandra Porath
  • "Thank you for leading this class. It's been an amazing journey!"

    Bryan Hart
  • "WOW!!! This training is not only changing my life but has allowed me to change the culture of my organization."

    Tania Wildbill
  • "Truly a milestone for Dubai and the entire Middle East to host Academic Life Coaching."

    Banan Hadidi
  • "Thank you again for your efforts and the platform you offer. It's been a remarkable and meaningful journey. We are changing lives."

    John Rossitto
  • The concepts are fun and very helpful. The instructors are so supportive, enthusiastic, and inspiring

    Jaime Essential Life Coach Coach
  • Hayden is an amazing teacher and his ability to guide and genuinely support me and my classmates is greatly admired!

    Mylene Essential Life Coach
  • The biggest benefit I've gained from Essential Coach Training is gaining all the tools that I need to successfully start my life coach practice.

    Igor Essential Life Coach
  • I really enjoyed learning the essence of life coaching: that each person has what they need to succeed inside of them. I love how this training gave me many great tools to help others access that success inside of them, These tools will also come in handy in my own life!

    Monica Essential Life Coach
  • “Just got a glowing note from a happy mom saying her son has had a complete turn-around at school. I'm so grateful I get to do this work. Thank you for putting this training together!!!"  

    Melissa Adderson

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