Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is a valuable process that helps you become a better, more effective life coach. Receiving mentor coaching is also part of the ICF’s requirements for certification. All of our trainers use Marshall Goldsmith’s framework of feedforward which is about focusing attention and energy on what you can do better in the future, rather than focusing on past mistakes. CTEDU trainers also put Carol Dweck’s concept of growth mindset into practice.

Benefits of Mentor Coaching

  • You get to listen to yourself. Just listening to yourself coaching will help you make measurable strides as an effective coach. Listen to your recording ahead of time, mark the times of significant moments in your coaching session.
  • You get to hear feedback from a supportive, knowledgeable trainer. You will leave coach session overviews with action steps that will help you become a better coach. 
  • You get to apply all feedback in your next client session. You can chart your progress and gain confidence in your life coaching skills.

Formats for Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is a valuable part of the coach training process. To become a certified coach with the ICF, you will need to complete a total of 10 mentor coaching hours. Coach Training EDU offers you the opportunity to complete these mentor coaching hours in two ways.

One-on-One Mentor Coaching: All of Coach Training EDU’s 1.0 and 2.0 Training Programs include 3 hours of one-on-one mentor coaching. These are also known as your coach-client overviews. You will schedule these throughout your training, with your lead trainer. Your trainer will review your call according to the core competencies set out by the ICF, then provide feedback for you to incorporate during your coaching sessions. These one-on-one mentor coaching sessions set the stage for group mentor coaching.

Group Mentor Coaching: Mentor coaching is offered in small groups. Group sizes range between 4 to 8 coaches. Most coaches start group mentor coaching within a few months of finishing their initial training. Groups meet once a week, for one hour, to review coach-client calls. One of the biggest benefits is being able to listen to other coaches’ connect with their clients. Group mentor coaching is designed to look at specific coaching skills as well as different styles of coaching.



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