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How to Become a Health Board Certified Wellness Coach

November 04, 2021 by Amanda Reill

What does it mean to be a Health Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach?

How to Become a Health Board Certified Wellness Coach

The partnership between the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) and the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) is a big deal for health and wellness coaching.

In 2016, these two groups came together to develop a way to credential health and wellness coaches that allowed for:

  • More education in the medical space
  • More credibility from a medical perspective

The result was significant: a CPT code was developed for coaching to enable some insurance companies to reimburse patients for this service. Their work isn’t over - the NCCHWC hopes to continue expanding their reach so coaching can be reimbursable for as many people as possible. Medical professionals are excited about these changes too, as it frees them up to focus on their specialties, knowing that health coaches are apt to create better health outcomes.

Health and wellness coaches make an incredible impact on the lives of their clients. Coaching sets the stage for general well-being, from preventing chronic disease to assisting with weight loss, and even to significant improvements in mental health. 

What are the career opportunities for health and wellness coaches?

There are two primary ways health and wellness coaches utilize their skills and certifications, and Coach Training EDU (CTEDU) provides a solid foundation for each of these paths.

  • Independent practice
  • Corporate wellness coaching

What is the process for becoming a health board certified health and wellness coach?

At Coach Training EDU, becoming a certified health and wellness coach happens in three phases:

1. CTEDU 1.0 Wellness Life Coach Training 

This course has 24 sessions. Its first few sessions are focused on foundational coaching skills that apply to any area of life coaching. After the first few sessions, the course will focus on health and wellness topics. Some of the conversations covered include designing an alliance, using wellness tools, and trusting the process - and yourself.

2. CTEDU 2.0 Advanced Coach Training 

This course also contains 24 sessions. It’s a more advanced look into the skills and tools you learn in the 1.0 course, with new ones to up level your training. This course takes you from beginner to expert, with plenty of research to back your coaching skillset.

3. Health and Wellness Coach Training Program

Our 16-session Wellness Life Coach Training program is rooted in the fundamentals required by the National Health Board. It covers holistic well-being, as well as topics on how to prevent chronic disease, prioritize nutrition, and establish good sleep hygiene. 

What’s more, it’s possible to complete both the 2.0 sessions and the Wellness Life Coach training sessions at the same time. That means you can complete all the training required to get CTEDU certified in only one year - a four-month reduction in total training time.

After you’ve completed these components, you’re ready to take the National Health Board exam. Not to worry - CTEDU’s thorough and accessible approach to training you is a strong springboard for your next steps.

During our programs, you won’t just learn what it means to be a life coach. You’ll also learn how to build a business and coach yourself. There are few careers more rewarding than life coaching, and becoming a health and wellness coach enables you to work hand-in-hand with your clients to improve their health outcomes. Seeing those results as you work together is sure to be your favorite part of the job!

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