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The best way to improve your coaching skills is through practice. At Coach Training EDU, we integrate practice into each class and also encourage coaches to connect with other practice opportunities outside of class to further enhance their abilities as coaches.

Power Hour sessions are weekly meetings that provide coaches an opportunity to learn, connect, discuss, and practice all things coaching. These are open to the entire CTEDU community, including coaches-in-training and alumni.

You can join these sessions to make up a class (see the “make up a missed class” tab on your class page) or as bartered (paid) coaching hours for your ICF coach-client log. If you are utilizing Power Hours to make up a missed class, you may not count that time as bartered hours because that time would be considered training hours under the ICF policies. For more details on Power Hours, visit this link for the current schedule.

Power Hours are a great way to connect with CTEDU alumni and other coaches in training. 

Again we are happy to share this resource with you and encourage our community to take advantage of this opportunity!

Power Hour Schedule:

  • 6/30/2022 | Thursday | 7:00 am PDT | Practice Coaching Session | Ashley Scott
  • 7/6/2022 | No Power Hour
  • 7/14/2022 | Thursday | 7:00 am PDT | Practice Coaching Session | Ashley Scott
  • 7/20/2022 | Wednesday | 12:00 pm PDT | Practice Coaching Session | Ashley Scott
  • 7/28/2022 | Thursday | 7:00 am PDT | Practice Coaching Session | Ashley Scott

Join us on Zoom. https://coachtrainingedu.zoom.us/j/98673323475

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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