15 Questions to Consider

15 Questions When Considering a Coach Training Program

With numerous options available, we understand that finding the “right” coach training program can feel overwhelming and even confusing. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to explore various programs and identify what you’re looking for in a program (e.g., online training option, ICF accredited, etc.). With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 15 critical questions you should ask the admissions/enrollment departments when exploring a coach training program.

Credibility & Longevity

  • How long have you been training coaches?
  • How many coaches have you trained?
  • What organizations or companies have you provided training for to their teams?
  • What resources are available to graduates/alumni of your program?

Program Information

  • What coach specializations do you offer?
  • What is the structure of your program? (e.g. length of program, frequency, and duration of the class, training platform, etc.)
  • What support is provided to me if I want to build a coaching practice?
  • What support is provided to me if I want to integrate coaching techniques into my current work?
  • Who leads the training? What is their background?
  • To what degree does your program rely on positive psychology?
  • To what degree are the prices on your website fully inclusive of what is necessary to receive a certification?

Accreditation & Licensing

  • Is your institution accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)?
  • Is your institution licensed in your state to operate as an educational institution?
  • What is required for me to receive certification through your institution as well as through the ICF?
  • How does your program support me through the entirety of this process?

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