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Overview Logistics

Step 1: Book Your Overview

  • On your Coach Portal dashboard, there is a mentor/assessor link that will allow you to book your overviews with your Coach Mentor.
  • We recommend booking your overview at least 2-4 weeks in advance due to how swiftly the Coach Mentors’ schedules fill up.
  • Contact your Coach Mentor as soon as possible if you need to reschedule, if you will be late, or if you will need to leave early.
  • It is your responsibility to book your overviews as per timelines in the program. Any overviews that are not completed by four weeks after the course end date will cost an additional $75 each.

Step 2: Review the Coaching Standards & other Requirements

Before your first recorded coaching session, review these coaching standards:

  • 7 Elements of a Coaching Session & the 7 Essential Coach Qualities
  • TIME agenda-setting model (found on your course page)
  • Overview Form (found on your student coach portal course page)
  • Course Graduation Requirements (found under Student Coach Policies)

Step 3: Choose a Recorded Session

  • Before recording a coaching session, obtain your client's permission, either verbally or in writing using the provided consent forms (Sample Coaching Agreement and Three-Party Sample Coaching Agreement). Seek legal guidance for contract creation and more details.
  • It's recommended to record each coaching session you participate in to ensure comfort and quality, and to have a wide range of recordings to choose from. Avoid using consecutive sessions for your overviews. Implement feedback from prior overviews into subsequent coaching sessions, as back-to-back recordings are not accepted for individual overviews.
  • For recording sessions:
      In-person meetings, use your phone or a recording device.Phone meetings, use speakerphone, and record with a computer or device. Virtual meetings (e.g., Skype, Facetime), record with your phone or a device/program.
  • Audio recordings for overviews should be in your training class's delivery language unless authorized otherwise. You'll be evaluated on the Overview form, playing your recording during the session in a private, interruption-free space.

From our Get the Answer series, explore the question: As a student coach, how can I get feedback before submitting my coaching overviews?

Step 4: Submit Your Overview

  • On your Coach Portal dashboard, a link is provided for your overview form. This form will be used for any/all overviews you participate in throughout your coaching career with Coach Training EDU.
  • Fill out the form, upload your audio file, then submit. This must be done at a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your overview meeting with your assessor.

What to Expect from Feedback

Your coach will give you feedback on your coaching, and this feedback will focus on the Essential Coach Qualities:


  • How well did you check on the client's accountability?
  • How well did you use the TIME Model when establishing a strategic or session agenda?


  • How well are you asking insightful questions rather than info-gathering questions?
  • How well are you looking at the subtle shifts in energy?


  • How well did you focus on the client, and not the problem?
  • How well did you balance info questions vs. knowledge questions?
  • How well did you adapt coaching styles and techniques to the client?


  • To what degree are you able to remain curious, even during a breakthrough or setback?


  • How well are you able to ask prickly questions?
  • How well were you able to stick with it, even when it’s uncomfortable?


  • How well do you trust the process?
  • How well do you trust that insights will happen if you’re staying in a state of curiosity?
  • Are you letting action steps truly come from your client?
  • Are you letting the insights that your client takes from the session be the driver of action steps?


  • How well did you help your client craft well-designed actions?
  • How well do those actions come from your client’s learning and insights?
  • How inspiring are those action steps?

Scoring Rubric:

  • Area of Growth: You have not yet met the standard in this area. Consider revisiting previous chapters and coaching demonstrations to identify coaching opportunities. It's a matter of recognizing and demonstrating the standard during coaching.
  • Meets Standards | ACC Level: You've successfully met and demonstrated the necessary coaching skill standards of this benchmark. This score or higher is required to pass a 1.0 coach training course.
  • PCC Level: You're meeting the standard with ease, demonstrating confidence in your coaching skills. This score is necessary for the ICF's Professional Certified Coach credential and to pass a 2.0 Coach Training course.
  • MCC Level: Coach Training EDU™ views mastery as displaying the standard with so much ease and knowledge, that you could teach it to others. This score is required for the Master Certified Coach credential of the ICF.

After Completing the Overview

Congratulations! If you've reached the required overview score by Training Session 20, you're just a few classes away from meeting the course attendance requirements and completing the class.

If you’re looking for more information on Group Mentor Coaching, you can find that here

Thank you so much for being part of the Coach Training EDU™ community! 

For more information on CTEDU Certification, visit our Certification page.

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